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Amazon FBA Retailer of Hard to Find Premium Games, Toys & Accessories – High Growth Trajectory in 2021 – 7 Years in Business

Website Closers® presents an enormously profitable eCommerce provider of hard to find board games, toys, and collectibles. With high demand offerings in a phenomenally popular field that is now valued at $10 billion globally, this 7-year established market leader offers a diverse set of 1,500+ SKUs to drive consumer loyalty, ever-increasing interest, and jaw-dropping repeat customer rates. A colorful and compelling brand, this business carries a projected 78% year over year revenue growth pattern.

Operating almost entirely on Amazon, with selective use of targeted PPC ads, the brand has drawn highly enthusiastic reviews on Amazon, and consistently increased sales. Launching an effective digital marketing campaign that includes the use of social media and an SEO program including a blog could further level up this company, along with targeted PPC ads through social media and search engines alike.

There was a renewed interest in board games in 2020 as families spent more time at home, looking for activities the entire family could enjoy together. There has since been a spike in the popularity of board game conventions organized around the world, along with an impressive rise in the number of board game cafes opened across the globe. With a renewed cultural interest in board games and an increasing value on time spent away from screens, this industry is predicted to continue growing significantly in the coming years.

This lucrative market has lent considerable value to this offering over its 7 successful years in business and has set this offering up for lasting profitability. In fact, the company’s sales performance has gotten stronger as the years go by with a spanning brand awareness and the constant development of new games.

Their sales in 2020 were an impressive $2.18 million; with $2.9 million over the most recent twelve months, the company continues to grow at a steady pace. An expertly developed new advertising strategy could easily double these numbers while channel expansions could drive increased reach and purchases. The company currently carries an underutilized Shopify website that could be swiftly built up to boost direct sales and consumer loyalty.

Formed in 2014, this company provides major brand products to consumers in the niche field of board games and related accessories. Leveraging sales on Amazon US and Canada, the brand sources popular products from both countries. They begin by identifying the highest demand products in their categories that have few distributors and resellers,  then acquire a reliable source to make them available on their marketplace.

One key to their success has been offering only those products known to be top sellers; another key has been to source their SKUs from trusted suppliers, at great pricing discounts, which ensures availability and strong margins on sales.

Their products are sourced from U.S. distributors, Canadian distributors, and Canadian retailers, in that order. With SKUs having grown considerably and there are now more than 1,500+ available, with profits soaring on an average order value of $33.41. Amazon’s U.S. and Canadian marketplaces have proven to be the ideal platforms for building up their customer base, however, this company could see further sales revenue growth through platform extensions into the E.U as well as onto other sales websites such as eBay, Target+, and Walmart.

Utilizing five outsourced warehouses across Canada and the U.S., this brand has relied on Fulfillment by Amazon for swift deliveries. After experimenting over the years with several suppliers, the business has developed an extremely strong business relationship with top performing industry vendors. The brand stocks up to $200,000 worth of inventory at FBA warehouses, with about 40 days’ worth of inventory on hand at all times.

Their SKUs are sold on Prime, with their diverse product line and speedy deliveries boosting the brand to a phenomenal 4.9 Seller Rating based on more than 4,131 reviews. Currently, 60% of sales come from their US storefront and 30% stems from the Canada account, with the remaining sales scattered globally, including in Mexico and the European Union.

Sales remain brisk all year, with an extremely sharp jump in sales during the holiday months when these items become sought-after gift purchases.

In addition to the Amazon sites, this brand also operates a Shopify platform, although the vast bulk of sales are made on Amazon, where the company has launched small PCC campaigns for top selling products. Beyond that, this business has minimally invested in its marketing efforts and benefits enormously from the paid advertising of the brands.

That presents a phenomenal opportunity for the incoming owner of this brand. All revenue growth so far has relied entirely on their Amazon standings and optimized SKU lines. The brand’s Shopify website could be built up with the addition of a keyword-rich SEO program and blog, two tactics demonstrated to drive tremendous organic traffic and expand the customer base.

This initiative could be complemented by a social media marketing campaign that emphasizes quality of these board games, and an email marketing campaign that aims to upsell new SKUs to existing customers.

Another extraordinarily strong option would be to expand sales onto other popular eCommerce platform where board games perform well, such as eBay or Walmart. Finally, a new owner could consider the potential advantage of opening this company’s first brick and mortar store, giving the brand the advantage of a physical presence, and with it the potential to also handle bulk sales that shift from B2C to B2B.

A buyer will benefit this company’s skyrocketing gross revenue and an extremely low workload, since the current owner spends just 5-10 hours per week running it. The owner has perfected this method of automating its high demand products. Virtual assistants handle most of the tasks for this brand, including product sourcing and customer service. The current owner mainly assigns vendors for each purchase.

The customer base for board games is enormous. A lot of adults are quick to introduce these games to their children, since the experience connects them with happy childhood memories of playing them. Additionally, many adults love to play them both for the nostalgia and for a break from screens.

These games have been connecting users across several generations and there’s no question the board game has been experiencing a genuine renaissance in the past year.

This brand smartly zeroed in on the highest demand of these products and rode that wave to stunning net profit margins. Since a buyer has a golden opportunity here to use digital marketing to take the company to the next level, there’s little doubt that this brand is poised for a significant increase in profitability.

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