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Award Winning Amazon FBA Brand in the Baby Products & Home & Kitchen Categories – 7 Years in Business – 50% LTM Growth

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Website Closers presents a successful Amazon FBA business that has built up a strong customer base for products sold in two of the most in-demand and profitable shopping categories, Baby products and Home & Kitchen. The company is doing exceptionally well, selling products made from sustainable materials.

With unique and trademarked products that can’t be purchased elsewhere, their well-crafted items have attracted a large audience on their Amazon platform, where they maintain an impressive 100% positive Seller Rating. Selling evergreen products that people buy year-round, sales have been sharply increasing on their Average Order Value of $25. No surprise the company is enjoying 50% growth and are maintaining a strong appeal to highly desirable customer demographics.

Their customer base is one that now looks specifically to bamboo products for quality and sustainability, items that are perfect for use in the home. The global bamboo products market is expected to reach a whopping $6.9 Billion this year, and double to $12 billion over the next decade as the sustainability movement has encouraged manufacturers to create innovative bamboo products.

With thousands of commercial bamboo products available today and many being sold online, everything that can be made from wood can also be made with bamboo.

This company that has its products brand registered with Amazon USA is ready to scale quickly, expanding their 17 SKUs for new products and items in additional categories. A review of the company’s history should illustrate how effectively they captured a desirable market.

Launched nearly 7 years ago, the company set out to market products that are predominantly made from bamboo fabric material. Recognizing the high sales volume, growth potential and appeal of the Baby products category, the company launched a line of SKUs that include changing pad liners, crib and bassinet mattress protectors, burp cloths and nursing covers.

Launched entirely on Amazon, the company quickly maintained vibrant sales and excellent reviews on their baby crib mattress protectors and created variations to include adult size mattress protectors in the Home & Kitchen category, further diversifying sales. The plan worked so well, in fact, that sales of their adult products took off and attracted additional positive reviews.

Their baby products mainly use bamboo fabric. These SKUs are manufactured specifically for this company with their brand logo on each one, and the company has a tested process to ensure that products are of high quality and are reasonably priced.

The company has 24 SKUs, of which 17 are active, and the remaining seven could easily get reactivated by a new buyer.

Their products have been particularly appealing to a key demographic, married women between the age of 25 and 44. A growing percentage of them are repeat buyers, and they will purchase between one and three items each time. The company benefits from marketing evergreen products that buyers can use anytime during the year, although their sales do peak during the holidays.

The high quality of their products has been recognized by the Mother’s Choice Award (MCA), which evaluates products and services created for children, families, and educators, then highlights excellence in family-friendly products and services.

With an enviable 100% positive Seller Rating, the company has been able to attract an increasing large audience on Amazon. With their products sold on Seller Central, the company maintains its inventory at the Amazon warehouse with enough stock to last for 60 days, with new inventory orders placed every 3- 4 months.

Amazon FBA has provided this company with fast shipping, strong customer service, and a reputation for delivering on both quality and service.

That level of efficiency has enabled the current owner to work just 10 hours per week running the business, which is highly automated. Daily tasks can include ensuring that inventory levels are sufficient, responding to customer inquiries, exploring opportunities to expand the product range, and developing new products. As the product is such high quality and the descriptions accurate, they receive only 1-5 questions per month from buyers.

With their high sales to date, the company has recognized the opportunities to expand further in the Home & Kitchen and Beauty categories, both ideal for SKUs that utilize mostly bamboo as the main material.

There are also opportunities to expand the number of products being offered in their best-selling Baby category, including offering variations of their bestselling items by creating different sizes and colors of those existing products.

Amazon provides the company with another significant benefit. The brand’s main advertising strategy is now done through Amazon PPC, which has helped drive customers to their Amazon platform.

That leaves a buyer with huge scale opportunities through new digital marketing plans, including the use of social media marketing, email campaigns, and an SEO program.

The company has purchased the domain name for their brand but has not yet launched a website that could be used to expand their sales channels. This is another scale opportunity for a buyer, since the brand name is already legally protected.

This brand has successfully tapped into the high demand for quality products in the Baby and Home & Kitchen categories, that offer customers both a practical item they need, with a stylish design that makes them even more appealing.

Having their products created using bamboo material, which is increasingly popular because of the many environmental benefits of using bamboo, has driven sales even higher. A buyer of this company will have unique trademarked items, a solid reputation from their stellar customer reviews on Amazon, and some exceptionally good scale opportunities that would send profits soaring

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Asking Price
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Cash Flow
$ 170,234
Gross Income
$ 739,587
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