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B2B Customized Promotional Merchandise eCommerce Brand – 50% Repeat Order Rate – 10,000+ SKUs – Australia & New Zealand Based


Website Closers® presents a thriving Internet Business that has achieved tremendous success with two key groups: merchants looking for branded promotional merchandise to help boost sales, and individuals looking for customized gifts for friends and loved ones. Business branding and gift giving are two enormously profitable fields, and this company, which primarily operates in Australia and New Zealand, has established a super simple but highly efficient print on demand model. Their customers, whether a business or an individual buyer, simply request how they want their promotional merchandise customized (ranging from keychains to cheese boards), upload their logo, and this company will do the artwork mockup. The products are then printed and shipped. The simplicity of this business model has been one of its greatest strengths since the company operates efficiently and effectively using automation at its core.

It’s also significant that the current owner, who spends only 15 hours a week or less operating this business, has been able to focus on design work more than daily operations. The client base has grown, and the company now enjoys a 50% Repeat Customer Rate among buyers who like what they’re getting, are happy to come back for more, and are equally willing to spread the word about what this brand provides. This has been accomplished with minimal marketing campaigns, either organic or paid. That opens up enormous growth opportunities for this business, which has some key digital marketing strategies available in the future that would likely send profits skyrocketing.

Branding is a key marketing tool for any business. One of the well-established rules of the business world is that people tend to buy from companies they’re familiar with. Branding that helps a company achieve a solid image in the public’s mind are likely to do much better than the companies that put no investment in branding at all. Branding is also a crucial tool for any small or medium-sized business trying to stand out in a competitive field. Branding has been essential when it comes to promoting recognition, defining the company in the public’s eye, generating positive reviews and referrals, and making it easier to introduce new products. That’s why businesses of all sizes work hard to establish their brand image to consumers.

This Australia-based company, established 4 years ago, recognized that concept and built on it. The company initially specialized in doing branding for real estate companies, which buy plenty of high-quality branding products year around. It helps that real estate remains a highly profitably industry as the housing market continues to soar. This company continued to expand the kind of SKUs they offer, to include key rings, pens, drinkware, banners and signage, hampers, door bows, calculators, desk items, and many more. In fact, there were so many options available that the brand now has 10,000+ SKUs for customers to pick from. That’s enabled the company to expand its customer base considerably. Orders now come in from people who handle business marketing, as items for special events, and from salespeople looking to brand their own business. Their products are equally popular as giveaway items and as gift giving products. Customization can be done equally effectively for a birthday party, wedding or anniversary celebration as it can be for a promotional business tool.

High margins are coming from a straightforward operation. The company does not stock any of its items and has no warehousing needs. All products are sourced from local promotional goods stores that do their own in-house printing. This drop ship model has been extremely cost effective for the company.

Sales are high since customers tend to buy in bulk, so this company’s Average Order Value is typically between $300 and $500 per order. Their products are ordered year-round, with no seasonality factors. They tend to get up to 10 orders per day,The owner has no employees and basically places orders with suppliers and gets the artwork approved by the clients. A new owner could hire an assistant to handle those tasks, and the company would literally be operating on its own.

The company has so far not invested much in advertising, except for running PPC ads on Google to direct traffic to their Australia and New Zealand websites, and email marketing to a database of 15,000 subscribers. Strong word of mouth referrals within the industries they serve, particularly real estate, has also been crucial for driving up sales.

That gives this company some enviable scale opportunities. The brand could launch its first social media marketing campaign to boost organic traffic, and the same impact would come from an SEO program that employs keywords on their website to get higher rankings in search engines. A blog on their website could accomplish the same result.

The company could also begin listing its products on secondary sales channels, particularly Amazon, opening up sales to that eCommerce giant’s massive audience. This enterprise could also do an international expansion, with sales targeted to the US. Canada and UK. This company has demonstrated it can find loyal customers within the business community and the profitable niche of gift giving, and it has clearly positioned itself for stunning growth opportunities. This company is one that any buyer could find instant profitability from. Contact Website Closers today to learn more about why this company has such a bright future.

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