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B2B Digital Agency | Harmful Content Removal Services | 355% YOY Growth & 640% YOY 2024 Growth Projection | Global Operations | $2,500 AOV |

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Website Closers® presents a Digital Agency that helps companies deal with one of their most vexing problems, harmful online content, particularly business or product reviews. Dealing mainly with review sites, this agency appeals to its business customers by not charging a fee until it has removed any negative content directed at their company. Now with 1,000+ clients, this agency has been growing steadily and now works with national franchises and global billion-dollar brands.

At a time when online reviews can make or break a company, this brand has enjoyed solid year over year growth as its brand recognition gets stronger. And the agency benefits as well from limited competition within this niche vertical, with fewer than 3 global competitors. As sales have increased, the agency has begun taking on larger clients, giving them a $2,500 Average Contract Size and a low church rate, with a lot of clients retaining their services long-term.

A significant benefit for a buyer is that the company has maintained most of its clients in the U.S. and a rising number of European accounts as well, giving the new owner phenomenal scale potential by expanding this service across the globe. Since virtually every online business or company with a website confronts online reviews, the customer potential for this service is enormous.

So far, 2024 is looking to be one of the company’s most profitable years yet, with stunning projections for a 641% growth rate throughout the year, Another very significant advantage for a buyer is that the company has been streamlined and is now more efficient and better able to handle the fast-growing demand for its services.

Business Broker Takeaway

Our analysis of this business clearly demonstrates the value propositions for a buyer looking for an online company with rising profits and excellent scale opportunities. We anticipate buyers will recognize that value for 3 important reasons:

  • High Margins. By purchasing this company, a buyer gets a business with explosive 355% YoY growth, and YTD margins exceeding 55%. With such a highly sought-after digital product and fewer than three competitors across the globe, this is an exceptional offer in the digital sector. With a high Average Order Value of $2,500, and more than 1,000 new leads being generated monthly, the company’s profits are projected to skyrocket in 2024.
  • Automated Business. The company operates on a custom-built and automated platform that includes customized outreach and prospecting capabilities. This efficient system and its operating procedures have not only given the company a large client base of 1,000+ companies and an even larger prospective base (500,000+ businesses) ready to be tapped into. The current operation requires very little from a new owner since it has a self-sufficient team in place to manage daily operations.
  • Growth Opportunities. The business is ready to begin a serious expansion. That can include using its proven lead generation capabilities to provide additional digital services and software products to its large customer base, cross-selling to its existing clients, and using social media marketing to drive sales and expand the company’s customer base. There are additional digital marketing tools that could be used to further develop the agency’s brand awareness.

It’s well established that potential customers refer to online reviews so they can make informed decisions about what products and services to buy. Reviews offer those customers an overview of your company and the quality of your products. Both positive and negative reviews can have a significant impact on the long-term growth of your company. Studies show that 90% of consumers have made buying decisions based on online reviews. Fake reviews can be a major problem for your company.

This agency has grown by helping businesses gain a competitive edge through the removal of harmful and dishonest reviews, protecting their reputation, and giving the company the ability to define its online presence.

The Company

This agency came into existence with some foreknowledge of the risks of negative reviews: it was founded after anonymous trolls targeted the online review platforms of the current owner’s business. Recognizing how false and defamatory content can harm a business, they worked to create a solution that would be applicable to other businesses.

Since 2020, the agency has successfully provided ethical and risk-free solutions for removing harmful online content, attracting an increasingly wide customer base for its unique “No Removal, No Fee” model that only charges the customer once the negative content has been completely eradicated from the internet.

The company has expanded by forming partnerships with other digital agencies that resell and white-label its content removal services, offering wholesale pricing to agencies with high levels of customer engagement in this niche space.

There are significant opportunities to expand this business by offering additional brand protection services. That can include brand monitoring, content protection against copyright and trademark infringements, deep fake fraud, and leaked explicit content. There is enormous potential for a buyer to rapidly grow this agency since its services are in such high demand across the eCommerce and digital world.


The buyer gets the advantage of this company’s experienced team, which has expert knowledge of every major digital platform’s policies, guidelines, and approach to content removal. The team has been very successful in getting negative content removed because they can demonstrate how the review in question violates the platform’s policies. Their skill, training, and glowing success record will give a buyer the ideal start for scaling this operation.

The buyer also benefits from the company’s high contract size and the fact that they offer an array of different content removal services, giving them opportunities for plenty of upsells. The agency is efficiently run with the current owners focusing mainly on overseeing the sales and lead generation team. Today, their content removal operations are selfsufficient and have been refined into a highly efficient process, which future owners don’t need to be involved in.

That includes their digital marketing. An email outreach campaign has been generating 300-400 leads each month, and this could be scaled to drive sales even higher. A buyer has the additional option of focusing on social media marketing, blog content marketing, and PPC ads to expand the customer base even further.

The opportunities this agency offers a buyer are endless. Content removal is a service needed by millions of online businesses across the globe that suffer because of negative reviews. With such a smoothly run business, the new owner starts with a major advantage over any emerging competitors in this field.

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Asking Price
$ 4,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,186,709
Gross Income
$ 2,562,921
Year Established

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