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B2B & DTC eCommerce Brand offering GPS Tracking Devices and Services – Subscription Model with Loyal Customer Base – 90% Growth in 2021

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce company that effectively tracks its success through monthly subscriptions for services that are in sky-high demand today. In less than four years, this company has become the leading provider of GPS tracking devices and services, with now has a vibrant customer base that includes both B2B clients and individual customers.

Operating mainly on Amazon, the company has attracted a unique rage of clients, including car lots, travel agencies and people who want to keep track of either their vehicles or family members. Relying on subscriptions that are available on a monthly, bi-annually and yearly basis, their customer base remains steady, and they continue to grow. They now have more than 5,500+ customers and experienced a tremendous 90% growth rate in 2021.

This is definitely a service being universally embraced by customers and businesses alike today. GPS tracking is popular with the general public, but the technology is even more appealing to businesses, including fleet owners, for multiple reasons. When fleet drivers are en route, GPS tracking provides alterts for any possible problems, such as speed violations.

The diagnostics included in a GPS system can help a company know if there are problems with the vehicle that can get addressed before they get worse, and for route planning.

For the general public, these systems can provide something just as important: Peace of mind. That can include whether a teen who has just learned how to drive is operating the vehicle safely and is not speeding, and where they are if their car breaks down. These devices can also tell parents exactly where their teen is going, documenting all their driving activity down to the last second.

Today, with more than 25 million GPS tracking systems in use across the U.S., this is service destined to experience phenomenal growth in the coming years as the technology improves and makes it even more attractive to buyers.

This business has taken full advantage of this trend, becoming one of the prime providers of this highly in-demand service. How they got to this point illustrates why this company is a such wise investment.

With the goal of becoming a top provider of GPS tracking, this brand set out empower their customers with information that enables them to drive securely and safely. They developed several products, include a personal GPS tracker that is portable, lightweight, and equipped with an SOS button. These have become popular for theft protection and for monitoring children and elderly parents.

Their vehicles trackers monitor and report on car health, diagnostics, performance, route history, speed, harsh driving conditions and so much more. These have become popular systems for fleet management, car dealerships, teen drivers and rideshare drivers.

Their GPS tracking software must be purchased with the tracker, and that makes up 80% of their sales. With an Average Order Value of $25 per month, that’s become an attractive proposition to their subscribers, and their numbers are increasing. Among their B2B sales, the company has become popular with Buy Now Pay Later car lots, rental car companies, travel agencies and engineering firms.

Their DTC sales come from a wide cross section of the general public, virtually anyone interesting in keeping track of their assets or vehicles. There are no seasonal factors to their sales, which are healthy year round, and the quality and appeal of their products even attracted a feature article in Rolling Stone magazine.

Once their GPS trackers are sourced from the manufacturer, those products are sold under their brand name, and all products are shipped to Amazon, where they are quickly mailed to customers through Fulfillment By Amazon. While the company does have a Shopify website, the vast bulk of their sales come through Amazon, where they offer products through Seller Central.

The company also runs PPC ad campaigns on Amazon, which has helped to broaden their customer base considerably. As a result, this is a simple and efficient business to operate.

The company maintains 30-60 days’ worth of inventory at all times, and the current owner employs six virtual assistants who handle customer support.

That leaves the owner to spend no more than 12 hours per week operating this business, with a focus on reviewing the brand’s Amazon listings, monitoring what competitors are doing, and inventory management.

Having relied on PPC ads to grow their audience, this company could expand its digital marketing presence to include a social media marketing campaign, use of influencer marketing on those sites, and an SEO program that employs keywords people are using in search engines to attract more people to their platforms.

A blog on their website would also boost their organic traffic significantly. With an email database with 70,000+ subscribers, this company is well positioned to use an email newsletter to build up their clientele.

Product development is also a huge opportunity, by launching a variety of new tracker systems. They could also boost sales significantly by introducing discounts for multiple tracker subscriptions as the number of products they offer increases.

This is a fast-growing business operating in a vertical that offers so many practical and smart solutions to their customers, whether individuals and families or businesses. Customers appreciate what their devices are offering them and with enhanced marketing, their sales are likely to skyrocket.

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Cash Flow
$ 848,206
Gross Income
$ 2,157,840
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