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B2B & DTC Full Spectrum CBD Products Brand – 2,800+ Pharmacy Distribution – 39% Repeat Orders – European Base

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Website Closers® presents a European Premium Quality, Full Spectrum CBD Products Brand. The company controls the entire supply chain and has a consumer-centric approach to product innovation, from topicals to cosmetics. The company’s products are well received throughout Europe, achieving an amazing 39% Repeat Order Rate across its array of products.

The global medical CBD market is an enormous industry experiencing significant growth due to increasing consumer awareness about the benefits of CBD and the legalization of medical marijuana in several countries. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound extracted from the cannabis plant, which has been found to have various medicinal properties.

The market for medical CBD is expected to reach significant heights due to its increasing use in treating several medical conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and seizures. The industry is also benefiting from the growing number of clinical trials exploring the potential of cannabidiol for treating various other ailments.

Poland is currently the primary market in which this business operates, with broad brand recognition amongst the domestic population. However, products are shipped to all countries in the EU and UK, with both regions proliferating. All products and blends are proprietary and manufactured exclusively for the company.

The business boasts strong branding and market position, total supply chain control, unique functional products, and attractive margins. Its distribution covers 98% of all pharmacy wholesale in Poland and more than 2,800 unique pharmacy distribution points.

The company uses a 100% stock inventory model and typically maintains 3 months worth of inventory. Depending on the season, that equates to approximately $100,000. Products are sourced in Poland, and orders are placed 4 to 6 times annually. All fulfillment is done from the company’s 2000 sq ft warehouse.

Products are selected based on scientific reviews, consumer feedback, and sales data, which has proved highly effective. The business has grown almost entirely organically with virtually no advertising budget. Digital marketing efforts are driven by email and SMS campaigns, complemented by influencer relationships and special events.

The typical customer is split evenly between genders aged 21 and 55. They use the products to relieve stress, pain, and anxiety and improve sleep and general wellness. There is an adaptation across all demographics, demonstrating this is a mass-market product category. Sales are stable throughout the year, with a peak in November.

The owner endures a light workload and focuses on business development. He is not active in daily operations. The CEO handles production and day-to-day operations, including shipping and packing products, overseeing employees, and managing inventory. The 5 additional staff members comprise a warehouse manager and a CMO with 3 consulting students in his team who perform digital marketing.

The business picks, packs and ships daily from their own warehouse. The marketing team focuses on digital ads and SEO. Most of the daily operations and production is handled by the CEO. All employees are motivated to stay with the business post-acquisition, given the opportunity, as they are dedicated and have invested significant personal time in the brand.

Management has identified several avenues to scale the business significantly and take advantage of the booming market with enormous projections over the next decade.

Expanding to other European markets is a viable option for this company and will likely prove highly lucrative. The brand can accomplish this by using the same formula that has worked in Poland. The US is the largest market globally, and the business should consider leveraging the size of that market by launching products in the country to increase revenue, build brand recognition, and gain market share.

Introducing additional animal products is also an enticing prospect and will develop the revenue stream further and attract new customers.

Building a subscription model is low-hanging fruit to provide a steady income while reducing customer acquisition costs and building loyalty.

B2B sales across Europe also present a promising method to scale. Developing relationships with other businesses and wholesalers to distribute products to a broader audience could yield excellent results.

Affiliate and influencer marketing is a powerful tool in this niche and worth considering. By partnering with influencers, this company can reach new audiences that have yet to discover its products. Identifying relevant influencers, negotiating partnerships, and developing creative marketing campaigns can then be replicated globally.

The brand can also leverage its existing customer base and reputation to launch new products in related or complementary verticals. Management’s process for selecting and launching new products has proven highly successful. Therefore, it stands to reason that additional products would boost the top and bottom lines.

Furthermore, offering white-label products may be an incredibly straightforward path to adding yet another revenue stream with minimal effort.

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Asking Price
$ 2,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 676,226
Gross Income
$ 1,934,760
Year Established

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