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B2B eCommerce Retailer in the Sanitation, Waste & Recycling Products Sector – 23,000+ Clients – Corporations, Government Bodies & Schools


This eCommerce B2B Retailer has been a leader in its vertical for 11 years, sitting among the top of its peers selling a multitude of products, including Waste & Trash Cans; Recycle Bins; Sanitizing Wipes, Refills & Dispensers and more – all with the option to customize as needed by its clients. Products are sold direct to a large group of business buyers, including Corporations, Government Agencies, Colleges & Universities, Sports Franchises, Hotels & Resorts, Non-Profit Organizations and Schools. The company has continued to grow YOY for over a Decade, and while it has had to pivot its product mix during the Pandemic, it has been able to continue its growth trajectory in 2020.

Some of this resilience, proven out during the COVID-19 crisis, is due in no small part to the over 23,000 Fortune 500, educational and government clients that have been buying direct for years. With a track record of sustainable sales and growth over the years, the company is poised for additional growth in the B2B space, including a lucrative opportunity to develop deeper connections with key accounts, and to add new products to the already large list of product offerings.

The commercial trashcan and recycling bin industry is large, with annual sales between $3 and $5 billion annually.  Up until the past few years, most of the transactions in the space were conducted by outside sales channels leading with phone calls, site visits, trade shows and print catalogs. As the demographic and educational background of facility managers shifts to a younger more highly educated workforce, there has been a corresponding shift to purchasing via ecommerce channels, where this company has thrived for over a decade.

There is a tremendous opportunity to apply high-tech inbound marketing to a market traditionally inhabited by “old school” ordering systems, and this is the cornerstone of this company’s entire marketing and sales strategy. This helps this high growth company stand out from the crowd and is the foundation upon which further growth can be developed.

This technology-based business targets the high-end of the commercial trash can and recycling bin market.  They feature and advertise containers systems designed for the front-of-house, and target customers with discerning tastes and large budgets. They let their competitors focus on inexpensive plastic containers and the sale of such products to consumers.

Each year, tens of millions of dollars in purchases for the company’s products are migrating from catalogue and outside sales channels to online ecommerce. The company’s digital marketing system has been updated to appeal to a new generation of facility managers and buyers that want a seamless online shopping experience when researching and buying trash and recycling containers.

The following value propositions have helped to propel this company to be a leader in its space:

-Leveraging cutting edge inbound marketing technology to attract and convert the world’s top corporate, institutional and government buyers.

-Offering the widest selection of high-quality Made-in-America containers and dispensers in a modern, easy-to-navigate website.

-Providing an in-house design team that can customize recycling bins to promote customer brands and programs, and to match any décor.

-Using a rapid-response philosophy in customer service ensures that we will answer customer questions even faster than they expect.

-Offering substantial quantity discounts and flexible payment options to accommodate all customer procurement systems.

In summary, this business is unique, high growth and filled with immense further growth opportunities. Whether a suitor leverages the company’s current 23,000 customer profile and easy-to-use system to bolt on additional products, or is looking to get into a highly resilient business that avoids consumers and focuses on a wide variety of corporate, governmental and educational clients, this company has all of the human capital, foundational underpinnings and a decade of brand awareness upon which to build.

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Listing ID:  WC2118

Asking Price
$ 14,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,607,439
Gross Income
$ 20,889,609
Year Established

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