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B2B Online Website Providing State Reseller Certificates for Small Businesses – Easy to Operate – Strong Margins – Strong YOY Growth


Website Closers® presents an innovative digital B2B Online Business that assists small business owners with State Reseller Certificates. The company is active in 4 states at the moment (Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida), earnings a remarkable 25,000 – 35,000 monthly unique visitors on their website. The company has achieved a 120% year over year growth rate. This state compliance certification hub draws in tremendous revenue with minimal owner oversight.

Earning a flat fee for each certification the pull, as well as an additional revenue stream from accelerated processing, this strategic offering generates revenue almost entirely passively through a mostly automated filing system. This business is super easy to run from anywhere with very little oversight needed.

With vast and swift scale opportunities, this company could grow exponentially by extending their services into more states replicating their powerful framework within each state’s filing guidelines.

Other powerful pathways to extended success for this company lie in the development of more start-up centric services including, EIN certificate issuance, standard document procurement, legal consulting referrals, and even business building digital courses. Taking this into effective marketing tactics, the company could gain tremendous reach by creating a blog for business development advice and even a Twitter account to interact with potential customers and answer their questions. Building this brand into an industry wide hub for reseller development and information would help to form a base for awareness and recurring customers.

Only necessitating an average of 2 hours of work each week from the owner. The current administration is in charge of advertising efforts and VA management. Working with 1 part time VA who takes care of all customer communications and document processing, this company is optimized to run smoothly and effectively with little need for human oversight.

Generating phenomenal interest through Google Advertising alone, this company stands to gain exceptional traction across the industry through enhanced SEO practices, social media engagement along with PPC placements on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and community involvement. Running or simply sponsoring teaching events for startups as well as trade shows across popular reseller industries in the states the business serves could be a key to dramatic growth.

A well streamlined offering, this business has developed a framework with little to no excess work or overhead cost. Guaranteeing a 7 day turnaround, the strategic service normally processes all state certification documents in less than 24 hours. Gaining extended monetization, the company also provides an expedited service that promises 2 day delivery without pushing their systems too hard. By never over-promising this company sets client expectations that can be reliably delivered on, pleasantly surprising their customers.

Compelling client attention throughout a multitude of markets, this brand accrues extraordinary profits while demanding little to no time or effort from the owners. Offering many noteworthy expansion opportunities this company delivers a proven business model that can be extended nationally or built out in their current states to provide much needed advice and services to new business owners across the country. A target with unrivaled promise, this is a solid investment for any type of buyer.

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Website Closers

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Listing ID:  WC2255

Asking Price
$ 535,000
Cash Flow
$ 151,900
Gross Income
$ 426,497
Year Established