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Beauty, Skincare & Supplements Proprietary Formula Brand – Website & Amazon eCommerce Sales – 48% Repeat Order Rate

Website Closers® presents an amazing opportunity to own a highly prosperous eCommerce business that’s become a leader in the lucrative Beauty, Skincare & Supplements Industries. This brand has demonstrated enormous appeal with products focused on the needs of women that include supplements, creams, powders, and fitness belts. The company thrives today with an enormously loyal customer base that’s given them a phenomenal 48% Repeat Customer Rate. The brand has multiple sub-brands as well that focus in on Plumping & Tightening Creams, Creams & Supplements to Lift and Tighten, Thickening & Weight Gainer Formulas, Metabolism Boosters, and much more.

Since launching 6 years ago, the company has successfully used an organic marketing strategy that relies on its SEO program, social media initiatives and influencer campaigns to drive traffic, and it has worked remarkably well. The company operates on impressive 85% Margins on its leading products. With that kind of track record, this eCommerce titan has miles of scale ahead of it, with opportunities that include expanding the product line to include new items such as Detox Tea for Weight Loss, Clothing, and Luxury Skincare, and by making improvements to their Amazon storefront to include Product Bundling, Subscribe & Save options and more. The company could also initiate a wholesale strategy that includes B2B sales to fitness centers and vitamin stores and make the products available in retail shops such as Sephora, Target, and Macy’s.

This company was founded in 2015 to offer products such as Body Enhancing Supplements, Creams, Exercise Equipment, Clothing & Anti-Aging Tools as a female wellness brand focusing on improvements to the buttocks, breast, and waist. Their creams and supplement formulas are proprietary and lab manufacturers are bound to non-disclosure agreements for their formulas.

With an average order value of $84, this brand markets its line of products on its own website as well as on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Bonanza. Their numbers just keep growing. With an average monthly visitor rate of 25,000, the company has become the No. 1 Body Enhancing Company in the world when it comes to Creams and Supplements that focuses on the buttocks, breast, and waist, and with their formulas in place, there literally are no other companies providing what they offer when it comes to body enhancing supplements.

The company has driven brand awareness campaigns through a highly effective organic marketing platform that focuses on SEO (including keyword analysis and a blog), and efficient use of social media. The brand now has 28,000+ followers on Instagram, 10,900+ followers on Facebook and 4,500+ on Twitter. The brand has also built an email database of 50,000+ addresses, which has helped convince a large percentage of their customers to return for repeat business.

The company now ships products from its own warehouse, averaging up to 60 shipments daily, while also utilizing the services of Fulfilled By Amazon, Deliverr and ShipBob. They currently stock up to 12 months’ worth of supply, with new orders placed every 3-4 months. A new owner could explore the creation of wholesale and distribution channels that make these products available to fitness centers, spas, clinics and other brick-and-mortar venues where customers spend time working out and are focused on their body. There are also many channels available through the implementation of additional paid media and affiliate sales.

The brand now sells 70% of its products on its own website with another 30% on Amazon, and those numbers could be improved by utilizing Amazon’s bundling and easy subscription services to help sales grow on that platform along with increasing the Sponsored Ads budget. The company could also expand sales internationally, including through Amazon’s overseas platforms.

Current ownership now spends 28 hours per week operating this business, with a focus on tasks that include product development, supply chain management, logistics, marketing, customer services, and web development. The company employs the services of independent contractors to handle various tasks, and they average 200+ customer contacts per day. There are no special skills that a buyer would need to operate this company, outside of a standard understanding of how eCommerce works, which can even be trained pretty easily. The company is highly structured so that operations will not be impacted by the transition to new ownership. The Beauty, Cosmetics & Skin Care Industry is a booming one, with revenues estimated at $49.2 billion in 2020. This brand understands its customer base well and has demonstrated just how in demand their propriety products have become. With boundless potential for exponential growth in an industry that remains competitive and rapidly expanding. With such high profit margins and such a stunning repeat customer rate, this company is poised to increase in value and is well situated for lasting and sustainable growth.

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Listing ID: WC2462

Asking Price
$ 3,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 604,741
Gross Income
$ 1,156,408
Year Established

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