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This is quite simply, the single most viable and attractive Vitamins & Supplements eCommerce brand that has been brought to market in this decade – weighing in with a powerful proclamation of having three top sellers in their category – Amazon’s #1 Best-Selling ASIN in the entire Vitamins/Supplements Category, Amazon’s #1 Best-Selling ASIN in the Diet Category and Amazon’s #1 Best-Seller in Diuretic Supplements.

Featuring several Amazon Best-Seller Tags, a perfect 5-star Amazon FBA Storefront, and worldwide sales over $37 Million – it is difficult to overstate the multitude and magnitude of value propositions made by this powerhouse of branded supplement lines.

Nowhere else can an eCommerce Retailer of this caliber be found in this segment – this business is achieving over 300% Year-Over-Year growth, with an uncannily lean OPEX profile thanks to both FBA fulfillment and literally zero ad spend on a completely White Hat in-house built software system. Outside of the massive, high growth cash flow generated by this company, and the extremely high daily unit sales, the software system used by this company to rank and protect its ASINs on the Amazon platform is highly valuable.

In addition to the massive opportunity provided by this in-house software system, the revenue generated by this company includes over 30% OF SUBSCRIPTION REVENUE, thanks to Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program – this brand sees OVER 28,200 SUBSCRIBERS, with subscription numbers growing every month; coupled with an entirely organic social following and over 120,000 opt-in customer emails on file, this international retailer of top-ranked, Amazon Category Leading supplements boasts both a revenue stream consistency and market share reach that is all its own in this space.

With 16 active ASINs in play and 12 more in the roadmap for 2018, all products are US-Manufactured from GMP approved facilities and sold under a completely iron-clad, copyrighted and trademarked branding presentation – character mark, deign, slogan, labels, physical products and verbiage are all owned and protected head to toe, making this an impeccable opportunity to wield not just another reseller with a white label, but a true lock, stock & barrel brand in every way.

In the Supplements space, this truly unique and fully furnished brand is flawless, with clean books, incredible cash flow, and is totally developed in every way – this is very arguably the single most desirable UNICORN acquisition that can be made today in this space, offering true, actual ownership of perhaps the hottest, high growth segment on Amazon today.

This Amazon Best Seller is Listed by:

ValleyBiggs & Website Closers
Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 73,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 14,200,000
Gross Income
$ 37,325,100
Year Established