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Cause-Based eCommerce Brand in the Jewelry Segment – Focused on Saving the Bees – Very Strong YOY Earnings Growth – Massive Social Presence – $56 AOV

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Jewelry Brand that provides necklaces, rings, and bracelets for customers looking to support a good cause, as their brand revolves around the conservation of the Honeybee Population, something that has grown tremendously in the public eye since the bee population is on the decline.

In the US, over 1/3 of crops require pollination by insect. Honeybee colonies are the primary pollinators, adding at least $15 billion a year in GDP by increasing yields and helping to ensure high quality harvests. Consumer Products that have latched on to this important ecological construct have done well in the eye of a mindful consumer who might choose their product over others due to their wanting to support the cause.

The key appeal of their brand has been the highly giftable nature of their jewelry, which has led to a rapidly rising Repeat Order Rate, and strong, consistent sales. However, while their status as an excellent gift provider has done wonders in building their customer base, they set themselves apart from other companies in their market by supporting this important environmental cause. Again, the company’s brand messaging revolves around saving and protecting wild and domestic honeybees from extinction, putting them in a valuable niche space with lower competition.

As more and more people become aware of this growing threat to our bee population, consumers everywhere have found themselves sympathetic to the plight of such an important part of our environment. They’re happy to rally behind the cause, and, as such, are more than willing to purchase from the company’s line of bee-inspired jewelry designs to show their support. The brand has grown especially popular for special occasions such as birthdays or the holiday season, and as there are few other companies operating within their specific environmental niche, clearing the way for unimaginable growth in the future.

Their strong environmental message aside, the company has won the hearts of many of their buyers thanks to the attractive, high-quality nature of their jewelry. The global jewelry industry was valued at having annual sales of $250 billion through 2020, and is projected to skyrocket past $480 billion by 2025. Customers have grown increasingly more willing and comfortable with the prospect of doing their shopping online, which has played a considerable part in the market’s burst of growth. Jewelry has also remained a highly evergreen industry as well, with new styles, designs, and trends consistently keeping demand high.

The company has striven to meet that demand- not just in the jewelry market, but their environmental niche, as well- with their line of 47 SKUs. Their Average Order Value sits at a comfortable $56, and though they enjoy consistent sales throughout the year, their peak seasons are, unsurprisingly, the holiday season of December, Valentines’ Day, and the wedding seasons of summer and fall. They also see a rise in April through May, with customers purchasing their products to give around Mother’s Day and Easter.

The company’s demographic consists of both men and women, with the former primarily being made up of middle-aged men buying presents for their wives, mothers, and daughters. The latter consists of women around the same age doing much of the same thing: purchasing a delightful new product for their family members to enjoy.

Their marketing makes effective use of organic traffic, with social media playing a significant role in how much attention their brand has gotten. They blast their message across multiple websites, putting forward their passion and encouraging others to join their environmental cause and community. These websites also allow them to show customers wearing their products, bringing buyers closer together, and showcasing their products outside of their own displays. They now have over 26,000 followers on Instagram, over 64,000 on Facebook, and over 38,000 monthly views on their Pinterest page.

They have over 200,000 subscribers in their email database, which they use for marketing purposes such as daily sales campaigns, and announcing new product launches. They use text messaging marketing for the same purpose, and even have an informational blog on their website dedicated to bees to improve their website’s SEO. This blog has 35 articles currently available, which direct readers to their products.

The company also supplements their marketing campaign with a PPC campaign, consisting of video and photo ads run on Facebook to retarget old customers, and attract new ones. They have also partnered with influencers on YouTube for paid collaborations, which has proven to be greatly useful. These marketing tactics have led to the company growing to the size it is today, and has put it on the track for even further growth. Their Shopify and Amazon storefronts are both prospering, and they see up to about 200,000 unique visitors to their site every month. Meanwhile, their Amazon platform, which was launched at the start of 2021, has risen to account for nearly 10% of the company’s overall sales.

The company’s operations have been largely turn-key, with the current owner needing only around 15 to 20 hours per week to monitor PPC ad performance, order new video content, and plan the release of new products. The rest of the brand’s daily tasks are handled by their two employees, made up of a customer service manager and customer service representative. Roughly 2 months’ worth of inventory is stored in their warehouse at any given time, and they now ship around 100 orders every day.

This acquisition has found a devoted following among a wide range of consumers. Their products are perfect for those looking for a great gift for their loved ones, while giving their money to help support a good cause, making buying from the brand a true win-win. Their solid lineup of SKUs and wellconstructed marketing campaign have been set up well enough that a buyer can easily evolve the company as they see fit.

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WC 2964

Asking Price
$ 1,950,000
Cash Flow
$ 733,693
Gross Income
$ 5,609,876
Year Established

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