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Children’s Brand in the Toy, Education & Kids Gifts Verticals – eCommerce, Wholesale & Distribution Sales Channels – 500 Wholesale Accounts – 30% Repeat Order Rate


Website Closers® presents a growing eCommerce Brand offering its own designs in the children’s toy, education, and gifts sector. In an age of screens and short attention spans, this company creates unique, thoughtful, and educational products that are unanimously loved and practical, too.

The business has an attractive sales channel mix among eCommerce, wholesale and distribution, with Amazon US and UK accounting for 80% of D2C sales. That equilibrium follows through with its PPC and organic sales split on the platform, while the remainder of D2C sales come from their websites and secondary retail platforms. The Amazon accounts are managed by an outsourced agency that implements SEO strategies and runs advertising with an average ACOS of 15-20% and TACOS of 8-10%.

The company enjoys a highly profitable fourth quarter, with many of the previous year-round opportunities reigniting post-pandemic in places like museums, galleries, adventure parks, and farm and garden outlets, to name a few.

The typical consumer is a mid to high-income female between 24 and 70, including many parents and grandparents.

Distribution agreements are in place in Ireland, Poland, the Netherlands, South Korea, Peru, Colombia, and Portugal. The company sells directly to over 500 wholesale customers worldwide, mainly based in the US, UK, and EU. It also makes B2B sales through third-party wholesale platforms such as Faire, Ankorstore, and Abound.

All products are designed by the team in-house, while manufacturing is done by four highly accredited suppliers with whom the business has built long-term partnerships.

The unique combination of fun, creativity, and education presented as an appealing, practical, and sustainable gift continues to open up additional markets and create new demand. A broad range of opportunities is open to this business: global expansion, product expansion, new eCommerce marketplaces, and harnessing bespoke operations, including licensing. In that regard, Peter Rabbit, Elmer, and Wallace and Gromit, to name just three, are showing immense curiosity. The company receives much interest from the Middle East and Asia, in particular, and is regularly approached by distributors worldwide. Well-established distributors based outside the company’s current focal area of the UK, US, FR, DE, ES, IT, and NL could be utilized to launch the brand in new markets.

A good scale opportunity includes expanding into children’s clothing, pajamas and shoes. There is a substantive inquiry already in place for the creation of shoes with an established footwear brand, and the lucrative clothing industry is one that almost guarantees repeat customers as children grow, an especially appealing opportunity as the business already has a repeat order rate of around 30%.

A substantial email database can be utilized for marketing, which includes more than 1000 trade and 7000 retail customers, while social media is used but with small advertising budgets. Expanding and diversifying advertising platforms to include social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat is essential to maximize return on ad spend and stay relevant and reach a new wave of consumers. Enhancing and revamping the affiliate program with influencer marketing and partnerships would make a great addition. This brand has six employees. The CEO and founder directs all company areas in association with the managing director and team.

The managing director focuses on marketing, design, customer acquisition, and financials. A sales manager is responsible for communication with customers, processing orders, trade and retail fair planning, and works four days weekly. The finance and ops manager handles bookkeeping to an accountant-ready stage and supervises inventory management and stock control. At the same time, the marketing executive is highly involved in social media, trade and retail communications, press, and photography. Lastly, a part-time HQ fulfillment employee manages any incidental orders sent from HQ.

The business websites, built on Shopify, are clean and full of well-shot product photos. As a result, they’re straightforward to navigate and incredibly user-friendly. The images clearly show the designs and the themes, making the products and USPs clear. The company strategically attracts visitors via its SEO content, primarily through its well-read blog.

This business has the history, systems, customer base, and service values that consumers love and appreciate, as would a new owner. There are no specialized skills needed to operate the business making it ideal for a first-time eCommerce operator to run while presenting enormous growth potential for an eCommerce specialist.

This eCommerce Brand is Represented by:

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Asking Price
$ 680,000
Cash Flow
$ 212,360
Gross Income
$ 1,374,012
Year Established