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Content Website in the Website Hosting, Design and Online Trading Verticals – Affiliate Model – Very Low Overhead – 100% Organic Traffic


Website Closers® presents an Internet Company with an innovative and resourceful approach to content creation. A fortified domain dedicated to educating its readers in the realm of website hosting, this lucrative offering has built a name for itself as both an information hub and a leading affiliate in the web hosting community. Its unshakable reputation is rooted in writing reviews and analyses that provide small business advice in areas such as digital privacy and online trading. Today’s digital age has radically changed the business world. Just as technology plays an ever-increasing part in our daily lives, the corporate world is rushing to keep up with the status quo. In 2021, it’s estimated that there will be 2.1 billion global digital buyers, and eCommerce sales this year are projected to account for 18% of all retail sales.

This is the reality that this company is operating in. As more and more entrepreneurs launch eCommerce sites or add a digital component to their existing businesses, they are looking for expert advice to help them create the most user-friendly, accessible, and digitally sophisticated eCommerce hub for them. This brand has quickly become a go-to source for this niche expertise, which is why their recommendations help bring on new affiliate partners regularly.

Founded in 2020 with the objective to provide small businesses with advice on digital matters, they quickly attracted readers who wanted to better their understanding website hosting and building capabilities. Their site consists of commentary on hosting methods, website builders, cloud storage services, and online privacy and trading issues. Based in the United Kingdom, its mission is to help fellow residents build an online presence, whether through an eCommerce website or a blog. They take pride in their promise to provide honest information based on informative research and to help their customers figure out how to monetize their site.

Consumers today expect business services to be channeled through highly optimized digital storefronts and online tools. If they discover something newer elsewhere, many brands that are not digitally connected fall by the wayside. For proactive enterprises, technological innovations have streamlined distribution and customer service.

This business practice is particularly invaluable for those customers who stay connected 24/7 and are looking for the same accessibility from the businesses they shop with. Most businesses today are in constant competition for those customers and leverage digital transformation to improve the overall customer experience. Especially through mobile channels like smartphones and social media.

Generating such high demand for their services across the United Kingdom, the brand’s value lies in its well-established reputation within the field of website design and hosting. This business holds high esteem among readers who are digitally savvy and appreciate the expertise in web services, brand development, and security — allowing them to carry a steady and growing following. This reputation has become the core factor for the company’s success.

Within its first year of fruition, this company has developed stunning affiliate partnerships with companies offering services such as website hosting, website building, and VPN recommendations. With both monthly and annual plans available to companies seeking their spanning reach and consumer sway, this has enabled them to generate commissions for their reviews.

The brand’s average order value has risen to a staggering $120 in less than two years, and their indispensable audience’s demographic are business owners between the ages of 20 and 40, operating their establishments within the digital world. The brand’s host sales are now increasing significantly as well, with commissions from partners skyrocketing by 40% around Black Friday. With review requests continuing to grow fervently, the company now estimates that they are bringing in countless new customers each month. This was accomplished with no working capital requirements, outside of the need to post two new articles each month and to optimize their content, which the owners estimate adds up to $500 a month.

Another impressive feat achieved by the company in a short span of time was its ability to garner immense traffic to its domain. The brand has averaged a whopping 50,000+ monthly visitors to their website, and those numbers are growing each month. As long as there are people starting eCommerce websites, a brand like this will have an immensely large market to operate in.

Their advocacy and appraisals have helped a multitude of brands across the industry become well-known names for providing these digital services and products. Their web hosting recommendations are priced from $1 to $15 a month, and their VPN recommendations are priced between $1 and $8 a month. There are annual plans with discounts allowed for each service. Meanwhile, the company’s online trading platform recommendations are free but require a $500 deposit to get started.

This brand accredits its success to its formidable SEO program, which has provided them with tremendous and organic consumer traffic. The company’s on-site optimization starts with analyzing the overall digital market and their competitors, granting them quite a reputation within their sector. That research guides their content strategy, with the company’s blog representing 70% of their website, and their reviews, comparisons, and lists comprise the remaining 30%. With a focus heavily embedded in content creation, the company has also worked hard to ensure their site is keeping up with current SEO standards known to drive web traffic.

In an effort to augment their SEO, their marketing tactics include keyword research, content analysis, competitor research, link building, and email marketing. This approach has promoted an increase in net profits on a monthly basis with extremely low expenses, and the website could easily be managed by a single person or a full-time contractor. Its ownership currently spends less than a couple of hours per day operating the site, with tasks that range from strategic planning to management and research. They employ three part-time employees: an SEO specialist, assistant manager, and outreach specialist.

There is clear room for scale for this acquisition, including a relaunch of new marketing strategies. Their domain now ranks for many U.S. search terms not related to web hostings, such as online trading, investing, financial products, and home security. Reviews in these fields are a way to merge into the U.S. tech market using income-generating keywords. There are also opportunities for additional revenue through sponsorships and introducing AdSense to their blog. The brand could also increase its link-building and outreach efforts and review nearly all digital B2B products to increase profitability.

As society continues its rapid shift toward online purchases and shopping on mobile apps, the global business community has been prompted to re-evaluate its approach to the digital realm. This new initiative has also launched a wave of new eCommerce businesses, large and small. Shoppers and entrepreneurs continue to embrace digital technology as their means for either purchasing goods and making their goods and services available to the buying public. Given the current state of the industry, this company would not only phenomenally impact businesses looking to succeed in this new high-tech environment but also give its potential buyer limitless opportunities for financial success.

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