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Custom Name Stamp eCommerce Brand for Kids Apparel & Other Items – Over 200,000 Social Media Followers – Very Strong Reviews – 500,000+ Email Subs

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Website Closers® presents a Children’s eCommerce Brand that created a unique problem-solving product in the children’s products vertical that has become a sensation with a key demographic: moms between the ages of 25 and 44. Their product, a custom made stamp that can be put on a child’s clothing or other belongings to keep them from being lost or misplaced, has become a big hit with parents, who are giving the company glowing reviews not just for their stamps but also for their world class customer service.

Their SKUs can be fully customized, so each buyer gets something that matches their children’s interests. This has not only proven to be a strong motivator to buyers but is helping the company enjoy a rising percentage of repeat buys.

Having done so well in the past three years building a loyal customer base, the company is now projected to experience a 9% jump in sales in 2024. Their SKUs are primarily sold in the United States and Australia through their branded website, and there are opportunities for a buyer to rapidly grow this company in multiple ways, including by launching sales to the European Union and other nations, and by expanding sales channels to include eCommerce giants such as Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart.

The company’s stamps position them in numerous evergreen verticals, including items related to children’s apparel, toys and entertainment, and an effective tool for protecting their belongings. Each of these factors has helped them attract more parents and boosted sales. With their steady recurring revenues, a buyer has an opportunity to grow this company into something considerably larger and far more profitable. The ingredients are in place for that future success.

Their Audience

Their customers have become the heart of this company’s success. Their reviews make it clear why this company has done so well, with many of their buyers noting how excited their kids are to receive their stamps (with an adorable panda brand icon), which can come in a variety of favorites, including animals, children’s names, and more. Their stamps are reusable literally thousands of times, work on dark or thin clothes, and are machine washable.  Parents have cited the high quality of their stamps, how fun the concept is, how practical they are to use, and how responsive the company’s customer service team is.

With an Average Order Value of $38-$48, the company’s 30 SKUs attract regular sales throughout the year, with profits peaking in January and in August due to back-to-school sales.  Their top customer demographic is women, and typically moms, between the ages of 25 and 44.

The company continues to test different stamps and has conducted customer surveys to get a sense of what its customers want. One thing that is clear is that customers appreciate the fact that the stamps are custom-made. The customer can make 100% of the decision on how it looks since this brand offers a customization process that they designed on their own.

It’s a highly efficient and low-cost operation. The company’s supplier stores all their stocked items and materials, which includes packages, boxes, cards, and non-custom products. Every product is sold under their brand name.

Their History

The company was launched about three years ago, through an online store created on Shopify. Today 100% of their sales still come from this site. As they have grown, the company has assembled an experienced and talented team of full-time workers, including Facebook and Google media buyers, a content creator, two support representatives, a social media manager, an email marketing specialist, and a brand protection officer, in addition to a part-time web developer.

The support agents are currently managing up to 200+ customer service contacts daily.

The company has seen its sales continue to grow, and they have gone from shipping 200 orders per day to 500. When they reach peak back-to-school seasons, that number soars to 1,000+ orders being shipped daily.

To attract and retain its customers, the company has done well in its use of effective digital marketing tools.

Social media has played a key role in attracting new customers. The company has gathered 143,000+ followers on Instagram and 51,000+ followers on Facebook, huge numbers that enable them to successfully engage with their customer base and create regular posts about their stamps.

They also successfully engage in video marketing on TikTok where they have 20,000+ followers and have received a whopping 537,000+ likes.

Adding an affiliate campaign on these sites would help to attract mom bloggers and influencers who could promote their products in the future.

The company also runs PPC ads on Facebook and Google, and with 500,000+ subscribers in their email database, there is enormous potential here to drive sales higher through regular email marketing, a tool the company has used effectively in the past.

In fact, if the company opts to expand its SKUs by introducing items in new product categories, those newsletters would be ideal for marketing to their existing customers, promoting each new product while generating upsells and cross-sells.

These tools are working efficiently, giving the company up to 600,000+ unique visitors each month.

The company is unique in that it not only provides parents and kids with fun stamps that they look forward to receiving but has become a problem-solving product for parents looking for practical ways to prevent their children’s belongings from getting lost once they go to school.

With their strong team in place, specialized branding, and appealing products, the company is ready for a dedicated buyer to take them to the next level.

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$ 4,449,636
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