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Digital Marketing Agency – Designs, Builds & Runs Operations for Shopify Websites for Entrepreneurs – 60% Net Margins


Website Closers® presents a Shopify Agency that provides a unique opportunity to those looking to get into eCommerce. They help 1st time entrepreneurs plan, design and build a Shopify storefront from scratch, and then their operations team manages the whole process for them, including product research, media ads, listings, and order fulfillment. This allows entrepreneurs to focus on their strengths while this agency focuses on what they do best – eCommerce operations.

This eCommerce agency takes the guesswork out of starting up and running an eCommerce operation, which often results in mistakes, failures and lost money. Instead, clients can quickly grow their businesses with the adept team’s proven system, frameworks, and years of experience.

Revenue is driven by a core three-month service that costs $4,997. It comprises of the store setup, ad management, and comprehensive website management, moving the new businesses toward profitability. The team runs all ads and recommends a budget of between $600 and $1,200 monthly, which the client is accountable for.

After three months, clients can operate the store themselves or remain under management, providing them with a profitable enterprise that is almost entirely passive. In that instance, the agency requires a $500 threshold in sales, and keeps 15% of net profits, bringing in consistent income that grows with the business. Around $10,000 in recurring monthly revenue is derived from ongoing management, every month.

The model is attractive to both the first-time entrepreneur and the agency, corroborated by 80% of clients continuing after the initial 3-month period. Sales remain strong throughout the year with no seasonal inflictions, and contracts are billed monthly, providing steady cash flow and straightforward allocation of human resources.

Facebook ads primarily drive lead generation at the top of the funnel. They are designed to move prospects toward a call and messaging. Management utilizes messenger campaigns to obtain leads that have not visited the website. Daily organic content is also posted on the company’s Instagram and Facebook pages. Combined, these efforts result in over 3,000 leads per month.

The typical customer is a US-based male between 30 and 60 seeking business or investment opportunities. Many have never owned a business and are motivated by an additional revenue stream that requires minimal time as they may have full-time employment.

The two owners spend between 10 and 20 hours on the business weekly.

One focuses primarily on sales calls and overseeing the client manager team. At the same time, the other handles the advertising and customer service departments.

A proficient team is in place, mainly comprising contractors who get paid per client and job. Certain vital employees work full-time and receive a monthly wage.

The business has shown robust development through new customer acquisition and impressive net margins. Still, there are various untapped growth avenues for potential buyers.

Management relies predominantly on Facebook for lead generation, but alternatives like Google and TikTok offer significant potential. Diversifying advertising platforms will facilitate reaching varied audiences and safeguard against depending solely on one medium. Additionally, Google presents a myriad of opportunities with multiple tools. Meanwhile, TikTok’s booming young audience can be tapped into.

International expansion is another enticing prospect. While the agency mainly caters to US clients, it serves Shopify merchants in 73 countries. The leadership team can penetrate these markets by understanding regional preferences and customs. Collaborations with local influencers, region-specific advertising, and localized customer support can strengthen the brand’s presence in new territories.

A new owner should consider hiring expert media buyers and enhancing the video editing team. Efficient media buying improves ad placements and visibility, while a proficient video editing team can produce engaging content.

Similar to their Shopify store strategy, diversifying services to platforms like YouTube can be profitable. As the second-largest search engine, YouTube offers vast potential for showcasing products and related content.

Lastly, retaining clients for ongoing store management can contribute substantially toward profitability. The agency can grow revenue exponentially by managing and scaling more clients’ companies while taking a profit share.

Aside from team management and coordination, few special skills are required for a new owner to enjoy continued proliferation. The company is fully automated, from the sales call to onboarding and through to client management and customer service. All processes and staff are proficient and efficient, presenting a buyer with a turnkey operation.

Furthermore, the existing owners are motivated to ensure continued success. They will stay on for the period necessary to ensure a seamless transition.

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