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Digital Marketing Agency focused in the Affiliate Marketing Vertical – Strong YOY Growth for 3 Straight Years – Multiple Revenue Streams – Full Team in Place

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Website Closers® presents a one-of-a-kind Digital Marketing Agency that caters to the expansive affiliate marketing training niche. The company offers a comprehensive course to train business owners on how to earn commission from affiliate marketing, live events to further train its membership, webinar trainings and one-on-one strategy calls with company staff.

The business uses a polished model to guide internet businesses through the process of advertising as an affiliate marketer. Their specialty is providing done-for-you marketing and marketing training for the Health & Beauty Industry, which gives clients an edge in a flourishing field that tends to have a repeat customer base. Over 15,000 clients have already used the service with tens of thousands more to come.


Current ownership is dedicated to ensuring that the transition of this business into a new owner’s hands is smooth and low risk. The systems and platform for this business are fully built and require very little additional work, thus, they are easy to train and transition. And to ensure the next owner of this business is successful, the current owner is eager to stay involved in the business in any capacity necessary to ensure that new ownership feels comfortable in the transition and is well-positioned for success.

The owner is bullish on this business, and for the right buyer, more than happy to roll equity as well.

From a post-closing perspective, the current owner can help the buyer get accustomed to the role, and, once they’ve settled into ownership, guide them through some of the various other scale opportunities that are available to the business (low hanging fruit). Current ownership is also happy to facilitate the relationships built with other product owners, affiliates, and vendors, which will ensure that the company maintains their incredible network going forward. Transition for this business can take up to 1 year, and perhaps beyond if needed.

No stone will be left unturned to ensure that a new owner continues to grow this business – it is very important to current ownership that this business continue to flourish after closing. The owner is also interested in helping the buyer shift the brand toward a more client-focused model, which the company has already been in the process of doing successfully.

How it Works …

Along with their highly acclaimed training program, clients gain access to various other benefits, such as videos, done-for-you landing pages, ad templates, successful ad images, and a paid traffic system. They also receive guidance from a private coaching group, which answers any and all questions they might have, provides support, and shares knowledge vital for making it big as a proper affiliate.

Once the client completes their training, they typically go through several steps to success. A new owner does not need to have any specific skills to handle the training or to work clients through the steps since the entire system is built and the nuances can be trained. The steps include:

  1. Traffic. A customer is educated on the process of creating, running and executing ads on large social media platforms such as Facebook/Instagram, YouTube and more.
  2. Offers. They will learn to scan affiliate offer network marketplaces for high-converting and relevant offers that they can promote to their building audience.
  3. Tracking Links. An affiliate tracking link is generated for a product and used to document the consumer’s acquisition path.
  4. Promote. The product and the tracking link are placed in front of the traffic source to generate product sales.
  5. Generate Revenue. Customers are paid directly from the affiliate marketplace for each sale out of the funds collected from the transaction.

Revenue Generation

Though the brand’s current business model doesn’t focus on attracting advertisers, which is a big growth opportunity for the business, they do work directly with product vendors, encouraging them to have their clients promote the vendors’ products to obtain 2nd tier affiliate commissions. Additional commissions are earned by recommending services, such as ad optimization websites and funnel building websites.

The company generates ad revenue in multiple ways. One is through Facebook Ads, which account for 20% of total sales. They spend roughly $100,000 to $150,000 every month sustaining these advertisements, which are used to showcase their client success stories and use their excellent track record to hook in new potential clients to their webinars.

Another revenue source is YouTube, which makes up 20% of sales, and, like Facebook, they follow a similar strategy of sharing customer testimonials and the ways in which their clients have thrived after finishing their sessions. The company spends between $175,000 to $200,000 on this strategy.

Sales & Marketing

Their internal sales team is responsible for the bulk of their sales, accounting for around 50% of revenue generation. This capable team handles front-end and high-ticket back end deals, and uses meticulously planned email marketing campaigns to properly utilize the 300,000+ subscribers in their email database.

The company also boasts their own affiliate network and individual affiliates, who are responsible for promoting their services, as well as other products. The network generates 10% of their sales, and while they make up a smaller percentage than the other tactics, they still effortlessly generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in affiliate revenue every year.

Scale Opportunities

While the brand has risen considerably since originally launched, they still have enough room, and enough scale potential, to grow through various methods. Global expansion would be a promising move to make, with other English-speaking countries outside of the US like Ireland, Australia, and the UK identified as great markets to start generating additional revenue. An expansion could be managed internally or licensed, and while both have their benefits, licensing would more easily allow them to get a footing in the valuable Spanish market and many other non-English speaking regions.

Human Resources

The current owner’s primary responsibilities are fairly simple and consist of meeting with the heads of each department, strategizing upcoming promotions, and networking with businesses and affiliates to help grow the brand.

Alongside the owner, who acts in a CEO capacity, the company also has a skilled staff consisting of the following employees:

  • Head of Operations: Responsibilities are to meet with all departments to ensure everything is on time with project delivery and assist the other heads with any issues that come up.
  • Project Manager: Duties are to assist the head of operations in planning and delivery.
  • Tech Team: They build all pages and integrations and manage tech troubleshooting.
  • Sales Team: They close front-end deals and high-ticket back-end deals.
  • Head of Support: Manages support team and handles any escalated tickets.
  • Copywriter: Writes all copy for landing pages and ads.
  • Facebook Media buyers: Run and manage all Facebook ad campaigns.
  • YouTube Media Buyers: Run and manage all YouTube campaigns.
  • Support Team: Handles all support tickets.

The company’s management has been streamlined and optimized enough such that, coupled with their experienced team, the buyer will require very few special skills to purchase and run this brand. If the buyer chooses to do so, they can choose to pass off operations to another CEO or a properly trained internal staff member, although it’s recommended that they still have a knack for marketing and promotion. While the current owner has put together a strong team to handle the day-to-day operations of the business, having someone that can use the brand’s channels to drive sales and promote their services would be ideal for helping the company thrive.

This Marketing Firm is Represented by:

Technology Business Brokers

WC 3073

Asking Price
$ 24,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 6,654,471
Gross Income
$ 16,395,670
Year Established

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