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Digital Marketing Agency for eCommerce Companies – Amazon Management, Email Marketing, SEM & More – $2,080 Average Monthly Contract Size – 163% Revenue Growth

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Website Closers® presents a Digital Marketing Agency that provides a multitude of monthly services to eCommerce operators, primarily in the Natural Foods, CPG, and Lifestyle Brands. The company provides a litany of services, including email marketing, growth strategies, Amazon management services, search engine marketing and much more.

This up-and-coming service provider has distinguished themselves from their competitors by offering effective digital marketing at an affordable price, making them far more accessible without compromising their value, while simultaneously building a roster of successful client relationships including many of the hottest names in the growing CPG category today. They bring in a strong Average Contact Size of $2,080 every month, and between 2020 and 2022 alone, they saw not only 102% SDE Growth, but 163% Revenue Growth as well.

Their strategies have helped fuel growth for some of the hottest brands in their category, driving strong demand and reputation that outpaces the brand’s current bandwidth. They provide full-service Amazon advertising, management, and strategy services for Seller Central and Vendor Central accounts – acting as an effective, holistic partner for clients on the platform. They also have an excellent Direct-to-Consumer strategy focusing on email growth strategies, paid media management, website optimization and CRO. Retail Media marketing strategy is also a focus, driving growth for clients across platforms like Instacart, Criteo, and others.

Outside of their roughly 10 to 15% Customer Churn Rate, one of the biggest indicators of their popularity has been their exceptionally strong rate of organic growth. Founded by an industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience building eCommerce businesses, the company has zero marketing budget to speak of, with demand being generated through word-of-mouth referrals and their excellent client track record. An enterprising buyer could easily draw more attention toward the business by implementing a proper marketing campaign to pull in clients outside of their immediate circle of clientele, and using the brand’s established name and track record with high growth, category-leading CPG brands to activate new and existing demand.

Though PPC on Google, Bing, and popular social media websites would all be helpful in contributing to the business’ growth, a strategy worth considering would be to lean into their strong organic focus. They could establish an affiliate program, generate more content and thought leadership by the founder to drive additional interest and visibility.

Outside of the owner, the company employs four paid contractors to help manage daily operations. These workers consist of two full-time senior paid managers, one part-time director of creative strategy, and a part-time graphic designer. While this team is able to effectively manage the company in their current state, a buyer may wish to hire additional contractors and/or employees as they scale the business. These additional workers would also allow the company to take on more clients than ever before, as at the moment, they have to turn away roughly 1/3rd of all clients. Being able to handle this additional influx of clients would be a near-immediate source of growth for the brand, or a windfall of healthy revenue for buyers with similar, existing businesses in the space.

The company would also benefit greatly from expanding their offered services. They currently don’t have content management or PR, and as these services are in-demand among many burgeoning young businesses, it’s likely that adding these to their roster would lead to fantastic overall results for their profit margins. They might also want to increase their fees somewhat, as their services are undoubtedly high enough quality to warrant it. Potential buyers with these existing capabilities would inherit tons of opportunities with this acquisition.

This acquisition is still fast on the rise, and with the right buyer, it can rise faster still. Demand for the agency’s services is continuing to grow in 2023, and as the founder seeks an acquisition partner to help absorb and monetize this demand they continue to build and hold a strong reputation based on honest results and effective strategy. The founder is ready and willing to stay on board as an operating partner, leader, or negotiate the best capacity to help drive continued retention, growth, and notoriety of this business.

This Digital Marketing Firm is Represented by:

Technology Business Brokers

WC 2925

Asking Price
$ 1,600,000
Cash Flow
$ 409,229
Gross Income
$ 563,719
Year Established

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