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Digital Marketing Agency – Organic Marketing Driven by Intelligence – 100% YOY Growth – 100% of Sales are MRR Subscriptions

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Website Closers® presents a 5-year-old organic marketing agency that has mastered the art of advanced, organic marketing. Utilizing their proprietary methodology, they leverage a framework dubbed “Deep Insight” to identify their clients’ ideal customers, discover the ideal marketing strategy for each customer, and then shape the ideal buyer’s worldview. They have been experiencing a staggering YOY 100% growth rate, along with a margin increase from 20% to 40% with efficiency
gains over the last few months. They’re also in the process of gaining their ISO9001 certification, reflecting the excellent standards of their management principles, services, and treatment of their clientele.

They currently provide 9 services, all of which use their framework to create detailed psychological profiles of their clients’ ideal consumer base and allow them to better understand what approaches would best appeal to these potential buyers. The company propagates these structured messages in the online locations that the buyers are shown to frequent, making them as effective as possible. They then use their proprietary “Roadmap to Success Program” to leverage lean and six sigma principles, improving upon initial results to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients.

Their services are offered through tiered and productized service subscriptions in a range of key marketing verticals, such as social media, SEO, digital strategy, email, content, and PR. These services also provide the company with stable Monthly Recurring Revenue, or MRR, through auto payment and contracted client commitments. The quality and effectiveness of their advertising strategies have given them contracts with several major publishers and retailers, while still maintaining no “hero” clients that overshadow the rest. The company’s MRR is now $3,050 per client, and they’ve built a fantastic reputation for themselves across not just their main demographic of the tech industry, but all industries, as well.

The company has put their impressive marketing portfolio to use on their own brand, and to great effect. Rather than restrict themselves to one advertising channel, they instead use a variety to their advantage. They have an SEO plan in place, and frequently use social media for paid and organic advertising. They make roughly 1,050 social media posts every month across LinkedIn, Twitter, and several other platforms, giving them publicity wherever possible clients might be found.

A few other advertising methods that the company uses include content marketing and email marketing, with the latter taking advantage of their over 5,300 email subscribers to keep clients engaged and invested. Their marketing strategy has led to an average of over 13,000 visitors to their website every month and helped to give them positions in media and list sites across the internet.

The company, while already impressive in reputation and scale, can be further expanded upon through a number of methods by the buyer. The first would be through their marketing. Their email campaign could be made more efficient by creating templates, which would save the time of manually writing them out. They could also invest in advertisements on Google and LinkedIn, bringing in traffic from two widely used channels and improve the SEO on their official website. Improving upon their personal selling could also be beneficial, as it would generate more profit, and make them appeal to more potential clients. They could create templates for LinkedIn, Outlook, and product sheets.

Advertising through promotions could offer additional income. A noteworthy example of this would be the creation of a referral program, as it would encourage clients to market the brand to others in exchange for various benefits and rewards. A client could, for instance, earn 1% of the value of the referred business each month it renews if the company handles all aspects of the engagement. Alternatively, if they choose to manage the client communication instead, they could earn as much as 10%, incentivizing them to put the extra work in. This will encourage clients to spread and market the brand as much as possible, and, in some cases, lighten the workload for the company, making for a very promising venture.

The company’s chain of command has been impeccably structured, allowing it to smoothly function and thrive in its current state, and if the buyer chooses to do so, scale into a far larger organization. They have 18 internal employees, 11 contractors, and 2 new hires, providing a sturdy foundation for the buyer to operate from. The owner’s own responsibilities consist of regularly meeting with managers and directors to make sure that everything is working as it should and to help their CMO with a new project, and complete RFPs for larger contracts.

A strong, reliable source of organic traffic is highly beneficial for the growth of any business online, regardless of the field that it might be based in. Because of this, the company’s services are invaluable for any business owner looking to improve their brand presence, attract new customers, and even polish their reputation. They’ve become a trusted source of marketing, and with several high-profile clients to their name, it’s a near guarantee that the right buyer can send profits skyrocketing.

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Tech, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers

WC 2808

Asking Price
$ 2,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 604,206
Gross Income
$ 3,055,816
Year Established

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