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Digital Media Company & Brand in the Financial Industry – 3 Rev Streams – Customer Base Growing 30% YOY – 9600 Average Monthly Visitor Rate

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Website Closers® presents a thriving media company business that is now among the largest Financial-Focused Meme brands worldwide, with multiple long-term ad partners in place. Their focus has been to attract readers through their humorous and clever social media posts, which have attracted 700,000+ followers across their platforms. Using a unique brand of financial humor, the company has been able to continuously attract more readers to their pages, which has translated into multiple revenue streams.

That includes revenue for their branded merchandise such as caps and t-shirts, digital ad sales on their site, and royalties from the online content they create. They are growing their customer base by 30% this year over prior year. This is also a company that continuously looks for ways to excite their audience and build their brand. Because of this, they have a number scale opportunities ready for a new buyer to take advantage of soon after acquiring the business. The company appeals to a high-spending, risk-taking target market and this appeal can be used for further growth and bolt ons.

The company brings together shared interests. Launched in 2019, the company had the vision of becoming the No. 1 “stonk” content media platform. In internet slang, “stonks” misspells stocks, and refers to the stock market in humorous and ironic ways. The company set out to make people laugh while also learning more about equity trading from two veterans of the Reddit site, wallstreetbets.

As it turns out, there’s quite a sizable market for the company’s brand of humor, and their following began to skyrocket – and continues to even today when the S&P fell 21% in the first half of the year. They now receive 9,600+ unique monthly visitors. That viewership gives this company the opportunity to expand into some creative revenue sources. The company has become highly responsive to their customers, constantly reviewing feedback and using that information to help them grow and improve their service. This has also enabled the company to maintain high reviews, indicative of excellent customer satisfaction that is driving sales higher.

They have diverse methods for generating revenue. On a daily basis, the company creates memes and tweets for the social media accounts they manage. With their rising number of readers, the company began selling ads on its platforms, and their digital ad revenue now contributes up to 60% of sales.

Along the way this company has drawn some top advertising clients, including Masterworks, Stella Artois, Polymarket, Gemini and Betterment. Those clients are attracted to the huge social media following this company has cultivated and it remains the core of their revenue.

The company also serves its readers with merchandise through their increasingly expansive catalogue. Their t-shirts, caps, hoodies, sweaters and coffee mugs are now 35% of the company’s revenues. These products, which capture plenty of their most popular online memes, are carefully designed and produced to match the interests of the readers who have made their website so popular.

No inventory is needed for their merchandise. With a broad range of merchandise that appeals to both men and women, this is a low-cost operation since these are all print on demand SKUs. This requires very little cash flow of inventory of the products sold on their Shopify website.  With more than 700,000+ followers, the company has continued to introduce new products and drive sales higher.

Another way this company generates revenue is from the royalties they receive as NFT artists and content creators of their digital assets. This now represents 10% of their revenue.

While the company’s workload varies each week, it can be as low as 20 hours per week depending on the initiatives they’re working on. The beginning of each month can be busier as the owners plan and execute new initiatives.

Their social media platforms are the ideal form of advertisement. By growing their platform through social media, organic traffic has been the cornerstone of their customer outreach from the beginning. The company collaborates with its hefty social media accounts, an approach that provides marketing in exchange for reporting a customer’s story.

With an email database with 28,000+ subscribers, the company is also able to effectively drive sales through their newsletter, which provides additional advertising opportunities for them outside of social media.

These marketing tools are working just as intended. The company’s Repeat Customer Rate has grown to 17% and is still rising.

The company’s high-quality and often satirical memes around stocks, cryptocurrency and finance have been more than creative enough to attract large numbers of people to their website, which in turn has made so many of them loyal customers, either as digital advertisers of buyers of their merchandise. With numerous scale opportunities available to them, including expanding onto TikTok, Facebook and Google ads, this company has a bright and solid future.

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WC 2791

Asking Price
$ 2,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 899,424
Gross Income
$ 2,205,902
Year Established

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