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Digital Travel & Tourism Magazine – 3.5M Monthly Readers – Strong Commercial Relationships in Place – Original Content – Strong IP – Growing Social Presence

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Website Closers® presents a valuable chance to purchase the foremost leader in the Travel & Leisure Space for Spanish Language Online News Publications, and all the benefits that come with having access to that readership. With over 3,500,000 current readers in place, just think of all the additional ways you can monetize that audience with either products/services you currently run, or simply through internal growth after closing. And with companies like this, working capital needs are low so that you can actually take home the cash you make each month, rather than re-investing in R&D, inventory, etc.

They are proudly known as the best and most-read Spanish-language Travel and Leisure magazine in the world, which has given them a thriving position in Global Markets, including, but not limited to, Latin America, Spain and the United States. They have over 85,000 original articles and over 50,000 original photographs to their name created by the website’s skilled team.

The company enjoys astoundingly high margins thanks to their commercial relationships with household brands, such as Disney, Apple, Netflix, Star Plus and Google.

The company has notably become a source of positive, inspiring stories that encourage their readers to travel and see all the sights that await them, which is a refreshing change in an era of “if it bleeds, it leads” negative news and highly partisan political coverage. For many of their readers, this uplifting travel-related news provides a breath of fresh air from what usually awaits them when they take a look at the news every morning.

Their high amount of original content has undoubtedly proven their worth as a Spanish-language media outlet … and given them the influence that they need to register official trademarks in counties like Argentina, Mexico, and Spain, and firmly establish their authority as a media titan.

As the digital publishing industry continues to surge forward in an increasingly web-bound world, the brand’s foothold in the travel and leisure sphere gives them an edge that will let them skyrocket alongside this upward trend. The travel industry has seen a recent boom of people eager to stretch their wings and see more of the great wide world that surrounds them, which, given that it already stands as one of the top markets in the world, is very promising for digital advertising companies connected to it. Digital marketing is vital for the travel industry to attract new customers and for businesses to stay competitive, putting this brand in an excellent position. To further hammer this point home, digital ad spending in the travel industry reached $56 billion in 2021, with travel companies, hotels and other resort destinations all being aware of how important a well-structured digital ad campaign can be. To get a better idea of what moves the company has taken to connect with such influential businesses, it’s worth taking a quick look at their history.


The company has expertise in the hospitality industry.

The brand was launched in June of 2016, and since then, has hired freelance journalists and an editorial team that is seen as experts in hospitality industries around the world. From Australia, Argentina, and Germany, to China, Chile, and Canada, along with many other countries, the influence that the company has worldwide is undeniable. Their magazine has also become the most-read travel magazine in Latin America thanks to their strong original content, along with the sheer depth of their articles.

They have also built up fantastic relationships with hotels in Spanish-speaking markets, and their reliability and great reputation have driven their revenue up even higher. Their magazine is a trusted source for information on tourism and things to do and discover, which provides consistent daily updates throughout the year. The rise of their readership has given them ties to advertising agencies and brands across numerous countries, such as the US, Mexico, the UK and India.

Not only that, but the brand has also worked out other methods of monetization to heighten their profits. Their methods include offering sponsored articles, sponsorships from tourism offices and municipal governments countries governments, and affiliate programs.

They have also worked out several successful barter programs with advertisers, trading on hotel stays and flights to new destinations for thousands of dollars per month in advertising or content. The brand has leveraged these programs in other ways as well, trading advertising for valuable services like web hosting and online programming.

SEO has been instrumental in their success.

The core of the company’s marketing program has been their extensive knowledge of SEO practices and campaigns, which have given them the ideal search rankings they need to bring in strong organic traffic and new readers. This process is easy to train and easy to learn, meaning that the new owner will be able to pick up on it and step into the leadership role without facing much trouble through the transition process.

Their SEO campaign consists of carefully targeted keywords and the use of evergreen articles to bring in new readers and advertisers and has proven immensely successful. These efforts play a significant role in their readership often going well beyond 3 million readers every month. It has also, along with the articles themselves, helped keep Spanish-language competition in the online publication space low, and their revenue high.

The company’s SEO practices aren’t the only organic marketing tactic they use, however, as they also have a thriving social media presence that further bolsters their readership. They now have over 5,000 followers on Instagram, and nearly 100,000 followers on Facebook.

This acquisition is in the ideal place to be picked up and grown by a buyer and can be rapidly scaled by the expansion into new Spanish-language markets, the growth of their social media presence, and the publication of articles and reviews in new categories such as food, entertainment, and culture.

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Asking Price
$ 2,400,000
Cash Flow
$ 617,000
Gross Income
$ 681,790
Year Established

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