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Direct to Consumer Publishing Company in Multiple Diet & Nutrition Niches – SBA Pre-Qualified – 335% 2-Year Growth


Website Closers® presents a 5+ year, direct-to-consumer publishing company that operates across multiple diet and nutrition niches. This eCommerce Business has a strong focus on Keto, Paleo, and AIP Diets and has achieved exceptional profitability. They have grown to over 250,000 customers per year. The product selection includes a catalog of 40+ cookbooks (both physical and digital), several digital courses, eBooks, and two membership/continuity programs. All Intellectual Property is owned by the company. A capable new owner could quickly expand the backend and increase the Lifetime Value of the customer base.

In addition, a new owner could scale the business by offering its products on the Amazon platform, as well as utilizing new advertising channels such as affiliate marketing. Combined, all of these channels currently account for less than 5% of total revenue. Growth can happen through a multitude of additional means, including, offering nutritional supplements, additional continuity programs, and offering high-end coaching to new customers. And, every additional $1 generated per customer would not only increase profit proportionally but would also allow further scale on the front-end. Current owners have just launched a continuity program about 7 months ago that’s already generating $45,000+ per month of recurring income as of December 2020.

The company currently only has a handful of products currently listed on Amazon – but continuing to expand that sales channel lays forth a tremendous opportunity to further develop the brand and add a powerful new revenue source. Branching into new advertising channels, or extending into their marketing efforts to include affiliate, influencer, and PPC initiatives are also must haves for this brand.

Important to understand that this business is SBA Qualified, which means a Qualified Buyer can purchase this business for as little 10% down, amortized over an entire decade. Additionally, the government’s recent passage of a stimulus package includes the opportunity to obtain an SBA Loan and have up to $9,000 of that loan forgiven for a period of months. Additionally, the SBA is waiving the SBA Loan Fee normally required on all loans. All said, there is a tremendous upside to buying a company now using the SBA Mechanism. We know the banks that lend – so please go through Website Closers for this process.

In addition, this company owns thousands of recipes and has a proven process for creating and deploying new products in both existing and new niches that can be deployed by a new owner for increased reach and profitability. Each new product, on average, brings in both immediate profit through consumer sales to existing customers, and bolsters long-term revenue. Moreover, the current owners have not focused on SEO for over 3 years, so although the included websites generate 300,000+ organic visits per month, there is a huge opportunity to increase traffic with minimal spend on this front as well. Other possibilities include selling internationally, influencer marketing, capitalizing on and enhancing the existing social media assets, and thought leadership.

The present ownership team cumulatively spends an average of 15 hours per week growing the company. Their primary responsibilities include oversight/management of key employees and contractors; oversight of financial accounts; high-level hiring, when necessary, and some oversight/review of KPIs for ads and email. Many responsibilities could be minimized — if desired — through additional hiring and systems. Currently, the company works with 11 part-time contractors or employees and has relationships with additional contractors for occasional projects like product creation.

Marketing, positioning, and IP are the true strengths of this company. All products offered by this brand are 100% owned by the company, and nearly all customer relationships are also controlled by the company through email. Facebook and their 800,000+ contact email database drive most of the revenue and profit by allowing the company to sell directly to its customers and prospects.

This company is set up perfectly for a buyer who wants to take a proven, profitable business and expand it in a variety of possible directions. In addition to the vast array of growth opportunities, the current assets of this company — especially the existing IP and actively engaged email list —  dramatically lower the risk profile of this business since those assets will continue to generate exceptional profits regardless of any changes in the industry or various marketing channels. An amazing, SBA approved acquisition with incredible potential, this company is a strategic investment for any type of buyer.

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Website Closers

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Asking Price
$ 3,800,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,199,775
Gross Income
$ 7,478,936
Year Established