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DTC eCommerce Brand – Crafts & Painting Vertical – Customizable Paint-by-Numbers Kits & Accessories – Upload a Photo On Website to Create a Kit – $50 AOV – 180,000 Monthly Visits

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Website Closers® presents a DTC eCommerce Brand in the arts and crafts vertical. The primary product line allows customers to use their modern website to upload a photograph of their pet, friend, or loved one and receive a Paint by Numbers Kit, including a numbered canvas and paints. The brand also offers custom puzzles, keychains, paint supplies, and pre-picked photos that have been turned into paint-by-numbers kits.

The process is straightforward:

  • Lay the canvas out and prepare the paints.
  • Match the number of the paint to the number of the canvas.
  • Stand back and admire the masterpiece or even share it online with friends.

Research has shown that engaging in artistic activities such as painting can have significant therapeutic benefits. It provides an outlet for self-expression and creativity, which can help individuals to process their emotions and reduce stress levels. The act of creating art has also been shown to improve cognitive function, such as memory and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, it can boost self-esteem and feelings of accomplishment, which is especially important for individuals with depression or anxiety. The benefits of painting are not just limited to the final product but also the creation process.

Individuals of all ages can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of painting, providing a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for children, adolescents, and adults that can positively impact their mental and emotional well-being.

Company Operations

The company uses a simple inventory model, with products sourced in China. Payments are made weekly to the supplier. The business requires minimal working capital and is easy on cash flow.

The typical customer is based in the US and tends to fall into a younger demographic, although these products are great for consumers of all ages. These products are often purchased as gifts for a loved one. Sales peak in Q4 and around Valentine’s Day because the products make excellent gifts.


Like the rest of this business, the digital marketing strategy is simple and easy to train; very little budget is currently allocated. The brand currently focuses on direct response TikTok ads, focused on couples, as it has proven the most lucrative.

Ownership & Staff

The owner works only seven hours weekly on the business, primarily managing ads, brainstorming new angles, and finding new media-buying solutions.

Two full-time employees work as a CSR and video editor. No additional employees are necessary to run this business, and in fact, an owner-operator could potentially take over some of this work to become more cost efficient.

Growth Opportunities

The company has achieved excellent sales with minimal marketing efforts and subsequently has tremendous scale potential.

Ramping up social media advertising and posting quality content regularly, as well as user-generated content, is low-hanging fruit. The niche lends itself particularly well to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and it’s worth exploring these to boost traffic and sales significantly. The brand could also experiment with its sales angle and focus on other demographics besides couples. The products are ideal for children, schools, teenagers, adults, and those with pets.

Influencer marketing on the same platforms has proven highly effective for many brands. There’s no reason why this one should be any different. A focused campaign with relevant influencers, including moms, couples, and young adults, would showcase the products to an enormous audience and likely result in outstanding conversion rates.

With some basic keyword research and implementation, Google Ads would likely show healthy returns.

Search engine optimization is another method the company could apply. Optimizing the website, introducing a blog, and working to generate organic traffic is an investment that keeps on giving back.

Management has recently begun working on international expansion.

Expanding to secondary sales channels could quickly generate additional and substantial new revenue streams. Amazon would be an excellent start since these products and the vertical continue to thrive post-pandemic. It would also allow the brand to reach an audience of millions on the world’s biggest eCommerce platform and simplify international expansion.

Affiliate Marketing is also worth considering. It’s a cost-effective strategy that can yield successful results, particularly for a business with healthy margins.


The company has an ideal catalog of 28 products but only focuses on the core SKUs. Pushing additional items and cross-selling products could quickly increase the average order value and appeal to a broader customer base.

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Asking Price
$ 742,000
Cash Flow
$ 297,028
Gross Income
$ 1,821,729
Year Established

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