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DTC eCommerce Brand in the Cell Phone Accessories Vertical – 25,000+ SKUs – 14 Years in Business – 90,000 Monthly Uniques

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Website Closers® presents a Direct to Consumer Website and eCommerce business operating in the smartphone accessories category. The company currently only sells products via its website, leaving as an immediate growth opportunity. The company offers 25,000+ brand name mobile phone cases on an Exact Match Domain that is an industry-leader for the associated keywords. The company provides customers with a wide selection of phone accessories, and since phone models change on a regular basis, demand for their products is projected to continue to climb.

The growth rate within this niche field is enormous. The global smartphone market is projected to grow from $507 billion in 2021 to $982 billion by 2031, and with so much of our lives now deeply embedded in our mobile devices, demand is surging for mobile phone cases that protect those devices from accidentally falling and shattering. That’s a protection virtually every smartphone owner wants today.

Sales of cellular accessories have grown just as rapidly as the smartphones themselves, and this company makes available phones from some of the top smartphone brands, including Apple, Samsung, Google, Motorola, and Tablet. The company offers fashionable cases and related accessories at highly competitive pricing, with free shipping worldwide.

Launched in 2008, the company now has 14 years of experience. They have built a sizable customer base for their large array of accessories. With an Average Order Value of $21.60, sales are healthy and vibrant throughout the year, with a decided sales peak during the holidays.

With strong relationships among their vendors, the company has been able to quickly add new phone case models as they become available, securing inventory of those products immediately to get a jump on their competitors’ sales. In fact, their website is updated on a weekly basis with the newest product listings added to boost sales quickly once new smartphones are released.

This approach has worked to give the company more than 25,000+ SKUs to offer, and at the same time their newer products are ideal for upsells to their existing customer base. Their Repeat Customer Rate is now 11% and getting higher.

A significant aspect of their marketing plan has been to closely monitor news releases from manufacturers and vendors about new phones and related devices being introduced to the market. That enables the company to build their ad campaigns based around these news releases, tapping into buyers eager to purchase the latest and most updated smartphone with an enticing offer to also get a case for it.

They have been particularly successful running PPC ads on Google, which has become their largest advertising channel, helping to make up 78% of their sales. Through this channel, the company creates individual ads for each phone model while also running ads on the Google shopping network. Their ads direct customers to the category page for their phone.

The company advertises on the shopping networks in the UK and Canada as well as the US, and they also run PPC ads on Bing and Facebook.

With an email database of 94,000+ subscribers, email campaigns are sent to active users to drive up their engagement rate and to get extra traffic on their website. For each email they send out, the company generates 800 extra clicks on their site.

The company also posts on Instagram (where they have 20,000+ followers) and Facebook (29,000+) to drive up their organic traffic, which has also been successful since the company is averaging 90,000+ unique monthly visitors on their site.

This business is very automated and doesn’t require a major workload from a buyer. The current ownership spends just 2 hours per week operating it, mainly focusing on handling advertising updates for the website.

That work could easily be handled by an employee, and the company has several workers who manage daily operations, including customer service.

Their products are delivered from vendors, scanned, and packed by employees, and then shipped out from their warehouse.

Offering the most cutting-edge smartphone accessories, and at competitive pricing, this company has given itself a highly competitive edge in this very profitable market, and they have multiple ways to scale quickly, including by adding their listings onto popular eCommerce sites such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart, and offering new products available post-sale, such as warranties and repairs.

The most significant option for growth may be to launch their own Private Label Brand offering customers something unique in the market, thus creating very lucrative opportunities for upsells and cross sells to their expanding customer base.

The smartphone industry is certain to remain a tremendously lucrative one, with manufacturers racing to continuously launch new, updated versions of their most popular brands. That gives anyone operating in this field an opportunity to own a business that already has a secure customer base (and the sales to prove it) and the right marketing approach to keep expanding those numbers.

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Asking Price
$ 800,000
Cash Flow
$ 311,031
Gross Income
$ 1,325,828
Year Established

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