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DTC eCommerce Brand in the Custom Gifts Segment – Over 2 Million Views on TikTok – 30,000+ Instagram Followers – 250k Monthly Visitors

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business that provides relationship gifts, specializing in personalized, printed plaques. The brand is known as a leader in the niche and, in a short time, has developed a large and loyal following. Naturally, the business peaks in Q4 and on occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, sales are steady year-round. Interestingly, gift-givers divide their budget into two categories: gifts bought for holidays, with Christmas being the most important, followed by Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, and gifting occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and new babies, which occur anytime throughout the year.

Holiday gift spending accounted for only 56% of the total annual expenditure, with occasion gifting making up the remaining 44%. A look at how much gift-givers spend on specific holidays and occasions finds that they spend about half as much on birthday gifts throughout the year as they do for Christmas alone. As a result, gifting represents a significant year-round selling opportunity for holidays and occasions. This company enjoys enormous sales in Q4, making up to 1,000 daily shipments during peak season.

During the pandemic, shoppers were prepping for unprecedented times. Many were spending holidays apart from their loved ones and delivering holiday cheer through delivered packages. Many shoppers were also avoiding in-store shopping. The result, to no surprise, was massive growth in eCommerce sales. The 2020 holiday season saw two years’ worth of growth in a single year, increasing by a whopping 32% from 2019 to $188 billion.

As people are starting to come back together and looking forward to a return to relative normality, life is changing; however, there is no indication that eCommerce numbers are returning to normal any time soon. The eCommerce share of the retail market remains high, and so too does the competition. This brand has surpassed that competition by becoming shoppers’ go-to for gifts, making the experience easy, flexible, and, most importantly, customizable.

The business has developed a system for first-rate logistics. Management has systemized this business well, and their tasks can easily be outsourced by a new owner wanting to spend less time running day-to-day tasks. The purchasing, distribution, sales, and day-to-day operations are easily taken care of and offer a potential buyer the joy of seamless and stress-free integration. Once a customer places an order, the file is sent to a local manufacturer before being returned for quality control and shipped out. Sales are made via the company’s websites primarily to the US, and distribution is made easier with a hybrid inventory model.

The company stocks shipping supplies only as each order is custom-made after purchase. Orders are printed, customized, and shipped as received. The marketing teams focus on content creation and push promotions as needed by following trends on social media and creating ads based on current seasons. In contrast, the admin manages the fulfillment and customer service teams.

The company employs a highly efficient team that handles the most time-consuming day-to-day tasks. For example, three VA’s manage file creation for orders, and two VA’s answer to clients and keep customers satisfied. In addition, several tasks are outsourced, including PPC advertising, content creation, and fulfillment.

There is an enormous expansion opportunity for this already highly profitable company. Given the brand’s success in the USA, international expansion is an up-and-coming prospect. New ownership should look at expanding to Amazon and onto other secondary eCommerce platforms like eBay and Walmart, offering their niche products to the millions of existing users on those platforms.

As successful as the business is, they have not yet tapped into the industry’s colossal influencer marketing opportunities or focused much on social media. Both options have shown a great return on investment with focused campaigns.

Their custom range, which boasts so much interest from consumers, can be displayed and advertised to a vast new market of consumers. Utilizing the substantial email database for digital marketing campaigns, enhanced SEO, paid and organic social media advertising, influencer marketing, gift guides, and similar strategies bode well for this thriving business’s rapid expansion.

Increasing product offerings and adding new SKUs based on market trends is another opportunity waiting to be utilized.

If you’d like to hear more details about this business and the vast amount of scale potential it has, contact Website Closers today.

The Relationship Niche is an important one, because while this company has seen its sales remain steady throughout the year, they enjoy healthy spikes during relationship holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Mother’s Day. They also get plenty of customers who purchase their products as birthday and anniversary gifts.

As the brand creatively used social media to market their products and expand their customer base, these items became top sellers with buyers. To reach these customers, the brand has focused heavily on three popular social media sites: Instagram (where they have a whopping 30,900+ followers), Facebook (2,700+ followers) and TikTok, where their videos have received a remarkable 2 million+ views. The brand also runs PPC ads on TikTok and Facebook, and once one of their creatives starts to perform, they begin to scale it. Many of their ads are based on special days such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

The brand generates organic traffic through those social media sites as well as an email marketing campaign. With an email database of 100,000+ subscribers, they have plenty of ways to reach out to existing customers and generate upsells.  These marketing tactics do an exceptional job of getting their two eCommerce sites discovered by viewers. The sites are getting 250,000+ average unique monthly visits.

As sales continue to grow, the enterprise has put together a highly efficient operation. The two owners devote 20 hours per week to running this business, ably assisted by a team that includes a part-time shipper, three virtual assistants who manage the file creation that is sent to the manufacturer to get created, and two other VAs who manage customer service. The company averages 50 customer inquiries daily.

Products are managed on the hybrid inventory model, where a customer makes an order and their file containing the photo and title are sent to the local manufacturer to be printed. The final product is then shipped from their office. Each order is custom-made after purchase. Right now, the company is handling 100 orders per day, although during peak times that rises to 1,000 orders per day.

In an age when everyone loves buying unique gifts and finding something more meaningful than flowers or chocolates, these custom made and personalized gifts have become a major hit with consumers.

With extremely fast growth, this company could scale just as rapidly, including by expanding sales onto new channels such as Amazon and Etsy, launching an international expansion, and creating new products. The sky is the limit for this one. Contact Website Closers today to give yourself the gift of learning more about this business and its potential to become a leader in the niche personalized gifting space.

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