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DTC eCommerce Brand in the Standing Desk Vertical – Australian Based – Highly Virtual – 77% YOY Growth Rate

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Website Closers® presents a swiftly growing Australian eCommerce business that aims to help home and office workers boost their health and productivity. They provide a vast variety of sit to stand desks and other alternative desk solutions, such as desk converters, office fitouts and tenders, and other related accessories. Their 111 SKUs offer the highest possible quality, which, alongside their first-rate customer service, have won them a 4.9-star rating on Google Reviews, and a remarkable Average Order Value of just under $1,000. They pride themselves on consistent innovation and excellence, and for it, their line of proprietary products are rated the best in the market, as rated by industry-specific metrics.

They have been working diligently to both maintain and improve the business and have recently invested into polishing up their website. This has resulted in a more pleasant and streamlined user experience for their customers, and a fantastic SEO campaign that brings in an average of over 30,000 visitors every month. One of their tactics has been to run a blog on their website, which discusses standing desks and their benefits, different types of desks, and other topics to cater to their audience.

The company has skillfully ridden the wave of interest towards standing desks in order to rapidly grow. More workers have been realizing the numerous advantages that these desks offer over their non-standing counterparts, driving the market and creating more demand than ever before. Recent surveys have shown that office workers with desks that allowed them to switch between standing and sitting positions throughout the day were more productive than those who spent their entire workday sitting.

Additionally, workers with these desks were shown to have a lower rate of chronic diseases such as chronic back pain and diabetes. Seeing that 40% of the population now considers their health to be a priority, this makes standing desks an even more appealing option for office employees, home workers, and employers alike.

A distinct majority of the company’s sales are from their proprietary products, with their exclusive line of desks and desk frames making up for all five of their top sellers within the past year. These products are made using the brand’s signature technology, granting them better stability and lifting capacity than their competitors. Along with their incredible rating on Google Reviews, they also boast an 8% repeat client rate and a 77% YOY Growth Rate. Their capable warehouse staff ensure that shipments are handled quickly and efficiently, and their well-trained customer service representatives address any concerns or issues customers have to keep their customers happy every step of the way.

Their customer experience is also enhanced by an inventive 3D desk-building tool that the company offers on their website. This tool makes the shopping process more interactive and user-friendly, as it allows customers to design their ideal desk by selecting their base, desktop, and accessories. Their piece is displayed in real-time by a powerful graphic interface, which gives customers a better idea of how their purchase will turn out. Given that 67% of consumers have described the quality of a product image as “very important”, and 63% have expressed the value of product-specific information, this makes the company’s rendering tool all the more appealing.

The brand has a promising scale opportunity in the form of their social media strategy. By taking advantage of these websites, especially image-focused pages like Instagram and Pinterest, they can showcase the amazing quality of their products to a wider audience. Their rising number of satisfied customers also lends itself well to organic word-of-mouth marketing, which, in turn, could make expanding the company’s recently established affiliate network much easier. A few ideal targets would be corporate culture and health-conscious blogs, given their overlap with the company’s demographic.

As the company is currently based exclusively in Australia, they would be able to flourish by expanding into global markets. The U.S, U.K, and New Zealand are all marvelous countries to begin selling in, as they all have healthy corporate markets, as well as plenty of remote workers who would benefit from the wonderful products that the brand provides. They could also bolster sales by adding new offerings to their product line. Desk accessories and various add-ons such as power rails, standing mats, and cable trays already add to their total order value, so by selling new types of SKUs, they would be able to further increase their AOV and diversify their stock. Possible ideas for new products include yoga balls, lumbar support cushions, gel or foam mouse and keyboard pads, and even a proprietary app to keep tabs on standing and sitting time.

This acquisition has already established itself within a niche, rapidly developing market, and has been able to successfully take advantage of this wave of interest. They offer a phenomenal way for a buyer to enter the office furnishing industry, and to take a brand that is already thriving and send it soaring even higher. If you’re interested in learning more about this great deal, then contact Website Closers today.

This International eCommerce Brand is Represented by:

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WC 2719

Asking Price
$ 3,400,000
Cash Flow
$ 763,135
Gross Income
$ 2,953,632
Year Established

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