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DTC eCommerce Brand in the Window Treatment Sector – 70% Organic Website Traffic – 100% Dropship with Strong Supplier Relationships

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Website Closers® presents a Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce business with just under 3 decades of experience selling a large catalog of Private Label Window Treatments, including Window Blinds and Shades. This company offers products via eCommerce on its premium, exact-match-domain and relies on simple, yet effective, marketing techniques. The website’s traffic is 70% Organic, built on the back of domain strength, site content, and longevity of the business. Traffic is driven through highly effective SEO and direct traffic to the website; this website is modern, efficient with a strong UI/UX design.

Presently, the company underutilizes social media and remarketing; both are great options for expanding the company’s customer base. Leveraging remarketing through Google or Criteo offers immense growth potential and integrating Yotpo into a strategic social campaign would likely show fast and fruitful results.

The interior and blind sector has changed dramatically in recent years. What was formerly exclusive to physical stores is now expanding to eCommerce with the advent of technology, virtual simulations, and a younger, tech-savvy consumer base. Therefore, the traditional home and business blind sector is being forced to play by new rules due to a perfect storm of demography, social media, and a drastic shift in consumer attitudes toward buying.

The historical need to offer consumers an in-store option to touch, feel, and sample products has become less necessary in today’s retail buying experience. As a result, the online segment is expected to witness additional growth in the coming years due to eCommerce retailers utilizing these benefits and ensuring faster delivery with a large variety of products, all customizable right from the website. The proof is evident in this business, with sales having nearly doubled since 2019. Even with such tremendous growth, the company still employs only two full-time staff members, a by-product of streamlining and automating operations. A Klaviyo integration in 2021 accounts for nearly 30% of sales, showing the potential of email marketing from its 17,000-strong database.

Although sales do experience a small level of seasonality, with a peak in spring and another in September and October, the business remains relatively steady throughout the year. Any sales swings are negated by the business’s strong cash flow generating nature. All orders are pre-paid and shipped after seven days, and suppliers allow 30–60-day payment terms.

Additionally, credit card payments for expenses carry a 30-day grace period. Unlike many growing businesses that require heavy investment to scale, the benefit of holding no inventory (and the cash flow needs normally associated therewith) and having cash on hand allows for less risk and more cash flow available for expansion.

There is no SKU concentration in this business – no single customer makes up a significant portion of sales, offering the new owner of the company a lower risk profile. The company was acquired in 2020 by the current owner, whose focus has been on updating the site to Shopify and implementing practical business tools and SAAS programs for efficient management. These include Klaviyo, Yotpo, and Re:amaze (live chat, helpdesk support, etc). SEO is outsourced to a freelancer and Paid Media is managed by an agency.

After taking over the business, the current owner made significant investments in transitioning the site to Shopify and building out the EDI back-end to simplify communications with suppliers. The process required 6 months and ~ $150,000 investment, but the endeavors paid off handsomely and have ensured that 99% of orders from the website proceed directly to suppliers without any staff intervention and the added benefit of improved pricing control.

There are agreements for production times on the supplier’s part with no minimum guarantee. The business is currently securing an exclusive collection of roller shade fabrics that is projected to sell well and add to the company’s already tremendous growth rate. The brand is poised for continued development through several initiatives, including the expansion of paid advertising, new product expansion, new categories in adjacent verticals, additional sales channels, and social influencers, brand ambassadors, and affiliates.

The company has followed an aggressive pricing strategy leading into 2022, which has led to increased margins and gross profit. A new SEO campaign initiated this year is expected to achieve substantial growth in the coming months. Scalability includes an increased focus on currently underdeveloped channels like social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, presently accounting for less than 1% of sales.

A new owner can also consider B2B customer advertising and explore affiliate channels and Google Shopping. Creating a private label brand on Amazon would be another excellent strategy for long-term expansion. This company’s growth trajectory and profitability speak for themselves.

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WC 2681

Asking Price
$ 3,625,000
Cash Flow
$ 762,675
Gross Income
$ 3,782,551
Year Established

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