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DTC eCommerce Brand offering Personalized Wedding Gifts – 25% Margins – Rising Repeat Customer Rate – Low Working Capital – Easily Trained & Transitioned

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce shop that’s become a favorite among engaged couples, with their line of Wedding Décor products that can be personalized to match the themes of an upcoming ceremony or the specialized tastes of the bride and groom. The uniqueness of their décor products has become a major selling point for this company, enabling them to appeal to customers who want something far more original than what’s available at their local retail shops.

Based in the U.S., this brand has become a leader in the niche field of Wedding Décor and they now enjoy 25% profit margins and a rising number of Repeat Customer orders. This is also an easy business to operate. Since products are designed according to the needs and interests of each customer (the company has served 23,000+) they do not maintain inventory.

At the same time, operating this business isn’t time-consuming and the current ownership typically spends just two hours a day or less running it, while an experienced team efficiently manages daily operations and keeps this company growing and expanding its customer base.

As one of our most evergreen industries, the wedding industry remains enormously profitable, worth $61 billion in 2022, and supporting a host of supplementary industries including jewelers, florists, caterers, photographers, fashion designers, wedding planners, and many others. In 2022, there were an estimated 2.5 million wedding ceremonies that got performed, the largest number in a single year since 1984. The amount that couples spend on their nuptials is also increasing, providing a significant boost to businesses operating in this vertical.

The bottom line is that weddings have been roaring back after a slump during the pandemic in 2020, and as demand continues to increase, the industry is enjoying major financial rewards.

This private label company has demonstrated great skills in creating décor items that can help make a wedding or reception even more memorable, and customers have responded with highly enthusiastic 5 Star reviews about the quality of their work. With several solid scale opportunities available to grow this company and with the wedding industry now on steroids, this is a golden opportunity for a buyer to ease into a vibrant position in this popular field.

Founded in July 2021 and operating on their Shopify site, the company markets handcrafted personalized wedding décor, with each item in their catalog customized according to the customers’ requests and then made to order, enabling them to offer their customers something they can’t get elsewhere. This has been a significant reason why they outperform competitors.

The company has a trusted and well-established relationship with its supplier, who has even given this business up to $50,000 in credit for upfront production, which contributes significantly to the advantages they have over competitors.

The company’s goal from the start has been to provide everything an engaged couple needs to help create memories that last a lifetime. From the start, the company has understood that customers want the décor at their wedding to make an impression on their guests.

These products are manufactured exclusively for this business by their supplier, and all products are marketed under their brand name. Their guest book and related accessories remain the company’s top sellers.

With an Average Order Value of $119, sales have been solid, and the company experiences strong increases in profits around the holidays and at the beginning of the year.

Since every order is specifically manufactured based on the customer’s requested personalization, the company does not stock any inventory. The production process begins once an order has been placed. They now ship up to 30 packages a day from their supplier’s location.

The current ownership focuses on managing employees, overseeing direct marketing campaigns, and running PPC ad spends on Facebook. The owner is assisted by a team that includes a full-time operations manager and customer service agent, a part-time customer service agent, a content creator, two telemarketers, and contractors who handle photo editing, Google media buying, and email marketing.

This company has assembled a team of highly skilled professionals who understand how to meet customer expectations within the highly competitive wedding industry.

In a short time, the company has become a recognizable brand within the lucrative wedding industry, and they benefit tremendously from word-of-mouth referrals from happy and loyal customers who then refer this business to friends, family, and coworkers.

But they have also relied on a diverse digital marketing campaign that includes running regular PPC ads on Facebook and on Google for brand campaigns, email marketing campaigns to the 33,000+ subscribers in their database, and organic sales from their social media posts and SEO program, which includes a wedding-related blog on their website.

The Facebook ads have proven to be particularly effective, giving the company 300% returns on investment. Their efforts to generate organic traffic are also paying off, with 807,850 unique visitor sessions to their website.

The company also has two telemarketers who reach out to prospective customers.

No unique skills are needed to operate this company since the employees are fully trained in handling all aspects of the business. This is a terrific opportunity to gain a secure foothold in the profitable wedding décor industry, with this brand’s loyal customer base, strong word-of-mouth advertising, and strong scale potential making this acquisition a surefire winner for a buyer.

This Company is Represented by:

Website Closers

Technology, Internet, Digital &

eCommerce Business Brokers

WC 3130

Asking Price
$ 650,000
Cash Flow
$ 306,138
Gross Income
$ 1,182,303
Year Established

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