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DTC Men’s Jewelry Brand – eCommerce Sales Channel – 30% Net Margins on a $72 AOV – Strong Social Following – Full Transition Plan in Place

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Website Closers® presents a Men’s Jewelry eCommerce Brand that has enjoyed rapid-fire growth since their launch thanks to their line of premium, minimalist pieces that are a great accessory for any occasion. Regardless of whether a customer is heading to an important business meeting, a tender date night, or even a quick trip to the beach, the company’s lineup of branded rings, pendants, bracelets, chains, cufflinks, and other products can give them a delightfully fashionable touch.

They offer roughly 150 SKUs, which are all crafted using premium, high-quality materials that minimize breaking and tarnishing. Their reviews reflect the respect their quality has earned among customers, and have given them a noteworthy Average Order Value of $72.45.

Their healthy AOV and low cost of goods have given them gross margins of over 80%, as well as net margins of over 30%. Their positive reception among their customer base has let them thrive on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, with these sites serving as great sources of organic traffic and a means of showcasing the remarkable quality of their products.

The company also has over 25,000 subscribers and counting on their email list, and typically receive multiple requests from interested retail distributors each month.


While the company’s social media accounts do an excellent job in bringing in new customers, they haven’t stopped there when it comes to their advertising campaign. For instance, they have recently started utilizing their extensive subscriber count with an outsourced email marketing campaign, which has already yielded promising results.

They also use paid ads on Facebook and a blog hosted on their Shopify website to draw in traffic, which, when combined with their other strategies, has given them an average of over 65,000 viewers to their website every month.

Inventory and Operations

The company has managed to keep their inventory investment to a minimum despite their vast SKU count by having 50% of their sales DropShipped. The use of this model saves time and money, and streamlines the process of maintaining and expanding their product line as needed. The products themselves are shipped to customers in a box with a classy velvet pouch inside, further emphasizing the refined feel that their brand has worked to capture.

The structure of their inventory model has contributed to the current owner’s light workload of about 2 hours every week, as well as the fact that their customer service, email marketing, and order fulfillment are outsourced. The owner typically spends their time testing new creatives on Facebook ads, launching new products to keep up with trends, and having discussions with the suppliers over WhatsApp. The turnkey nature of the brand’s operations means that the buyer will enjoy a highly flexible schedule post-purchase, which will give them room to run and scale the company to suit their needs.

Scale Opportunities

There is no shortage of possible scale opportunities that the right buyer can take advantage of. Some easy methods they could use would simply be to release new sizes and product variations for the existing men’s market.

The minimalistic and unisex designs their products feature would make it possible to release a women’s collection, allowing them to target a massive demographic in the jewelry market. The company has also been contacted multiple times each month by interested retail distributors, which, if followed up upon, could let them branch off into profitable wholesale revenue.

Additionally, the brand could expand to other eCommerce platforms like Amazon for more diversified revenue, as their only sale channel at the moment is their branded website on Shopify. They could then polish their marketing campaign to draw attention to both these new platforms as well as their main storefront through methods such as refining their blog for improved SEO, the continued growth of their email marketing campaign, and the exploration of commission-based influencer marketing and brand ambassador programs for higher social media viewership.


The company is just as refined as their products, and have proven their worth in selling to a previously underserved market. They have an incredible reputation based on the many glowing reviews they’ve accumulated, an active presence on social media, and a turnkey structure that will give the buyer the freedom to build the business in whatever direction they wish to see. The seller is also willing to assist with both the transition process and training the buyer for their new role, which will help them quickly step into the management position and get to work as quickly as possible.

This Company is Represented by:

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WC 3226

Asking Price
$ 700,000
Cash Flow
$ 179,503
Gross Income
$ 693,934
Year Established

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