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eCommerce Brand | Aluminum Composite Wall Products | Full Ops Team | Multiple Sales Channels | 60,000+ Visitors/Month | All Products Made-on-Demand

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Website Closers® presents a flourishing eCommerce Brand that has been a hit within the wall art market, with their Aluminum Composite Wall Products adding a classy touch to living spaces that their customers are delighted by.

They offer over 500 designs that are proudly made from recycled content. Their ecofriendly status has been a boon among a consumer base that’s grown steadily more aware of their environmental impact, and alongside the quality of their products, has given them an Average Order Value (AOV) of $130, and a Repeat Order Rate of 15%. Not only that, but as their products are 100% made-on-demand to then be sold under their brand, they have been able to develop a strong sense of brand recognition among their customers, creating a loyal following and sturdy reputation.

The company sells their art from a range of channels, which consist of their Shopify website, Amazon, Etsy, and Wayfair. Their Shopify storefront is currently the most popular, generating 85% of their total revenue. Their omnichannel approach gives them access to a wider range of consumers than they would have by selling from one storefront alone, adding to their overall accessibility.

Manufacturing and Shipping

The brand’s marketing campaign uses a blend of paid and organic marketing tactics to draw in consumers. They run paid ads on Meta and Google that are handled by a marketing agency, CRM through Email and SMS, post designs on social media, and utilize SEO practices, which makes use of the blog that they host on their website. Their PPC ads are responsible for 70% of their sales, with the rest being organic. These strategies have given them a respectable average visitor rate of 60,000 every month to their website.

The company has a skilled team in place that handles the day-to-day operations, and is expected to transfer alongside the acquisition. This team consists of a warehouse manager, a machinist, a packer, a customer service representative, and a designer. Thanks to the effort put in by the team, the current owners need only 10 hours per week to handle their primary tasks. These responsibilities consist of supplies management, taking care of the payroll, reporting & standing meeting with the marketing team, making approvals when needed, and exploring growth-based opportunities.

Scale Opportunities

The company could climb higher up the wall of success through an array of tactics, not limited to improving upon their existing digital marketing tactics. Given the success of their paid marketing, they could scale their Meta and Google Ads, or they could instead focus on their organic traffic with additional investment in SEO and the use of further social media marketing. TikTok and YouTube shorts would be very valuable on this front, as if an ad manages to go viral, it would lead to a surge of possible organic customers for the brand.

They could use their dedicated following to their advantage by starting up an affiliate marketing program, which would let their customers benefit from recommending the brand’s products to their peers and loved ones. They could supplement this with a linkbuilding campaign, as well.

Outside of marketing, the buyer could grow the brand by expanding to additional promising marketplaces, such as Walmart, or even international markets. The latter option could be made easier using Amazon’s global storefronts, given that the company already sells through Amazon to begin with. They could fuel this expansion by adding new product options to their roster, such as additional varieties of custom designs.


This company offers a sturdy foundation to their buyer, with a loyal customer base won over by their excellent products and great customer service, streamlined operations, and potential that will, in the right hands, have them become an even larger name in their niche. The current owners are eager to facilitate a smooth transition and handoff process, which will help the buyer settle into their new role and more quickly get to molding the brand to their liking.

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WC 3284

Asking Price
$ 1,655,000
Cash Flow
$ 367,534
Gross Income
$ 2,026,275
Year Established

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