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eCommerce Brand – Huge TikTok Following & Influencer Network – Female-Centric Products – Strong YOY Growth – 51k Instagram Followers

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Website Closers® presents a very high growth female-centric eCommerce brand that provides eco- and skin-friendly products that address a common struggle that many women face, giving them the confidence to look great in any outfit. The company’s product lines include breast augmentation products, skin care products and similar female-focused products. After 4 years of building the company through ongoing, consistent growth, the founder is excited to go through this exit process and transition the company to a buyer that can continue the legacy of growth and continue to provide premium health and wellness products to women.

The company isn’t just slinging products either – they’ve built a fantastic, well-known brand that has had a huge TikTok following and has been featured in a number of publications, including Elle, HELLO!, Vogue, InStyle and Allure. The founder established the brand to help females find the right products for a very specific need without having to jump through hoops to get them, and along with supplying these products, they also offer fantastic customer service throughout the purchasing process, which has helped them stand out from the crowd.


The business relies nearly entirely on a stock inventory model and stores all their mainline products in 3PL facilities. This inventory arrangement has led to consistent cash flow and an excellent, speedy customer experience, benefiting the company and supporting its growth.

The bulk of their inventory is held locally, at around 25,000 units, while the remaining 5,000 are held by their other 3PL partners. Orders of roughly 5,000 units are placed every few months as necessary, and the payment terms are standard, with a 30% deposit upon order and the balance before shipping.

Their best-selling products are breast tape, sticky inserts to enhance cup size and easy-lift bras. The company has attracted a dedicated following to their products for a number of factors, including their 8-hour guaranteed hold or 100% money-back guarantee, fast worldwide shipping, and cruelty-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic SKU line.

The brand ships between 20 and 100 products every day, with their average customer consisting of a US-based woman between 25 and 35, who orders on her first visit to the website.

Their sales are the strongest between the months of March and August, which largely has to do with their 95% US-based consumer base. Sales tend to be best during the warmer seasons, and while Q4 is typically a peak season for eCommerce companies, breast-centered solutions are not seasonal.

Growth Initiatives

The current owners have worked out an excellent strategy to earn more consistent sales throughout the year. Their products, for instance, would likely perform well in Southeast Asia and South America, as there are large emerging beauty markets in these regions, and similar products have proven to be very successful there. As such, the buyer might wish to explore global expansion into these markets, balancing peaks and troughs as they do.

The company is already preparing to expand to Amazon within the next quarter, which will be included in the sale along with the rest of the brand. The right buyer could use this platform to generate a massive additional stream of revenue, especially given the fact that many of their customers see their products on TikTok, and immediately go to Amazon first to try and hunt for their brand. Their solid social media leverage will afford the company a great edge in the PPC auction from the get-go.


Their digital marketing campaign revolves heavily around their healthy social media presence, as the owner has developed a proprietary TikTok influencer marketing strategy that, over the last two years, has let the company skyrocket in scale. This strategy has yet to reach its peak and is likely to continue bringing in scores of new customers as it grows.

The company’s optimized strategy has led to a substantial amount of content, which, in turn, leads to organic sales that give them incredible opportunities to test out new concepts and continue to rise.

Human Capital

The Founder is an Owner-Operator and works on this business about 20 hours per week, on average, managing operations and typically spending his time focusing on managing TikTok influencers, digital marketing, and creative direction. Additionally, he checks on the advertising metrics consistently throughout each week and launches new ads about once a week. He also manages the company’s influencer marketing campaigns and handles all negotiating, approving content, and developing content briefs.

Monthly creative briefs take about 6 hours to complete fully. These briefs outline everything that needs to be done in the following month. Including emails, websites, social media, and blogs. This does not include Ad creatives, which are created once a week on average and includes researching competitors, analyzing past performance, and ideating new things to test.

Acquiring this company isn’t just about its great products, growth trajectory or the opportunities available in marketplaces like Amazon, but the real intrinsic value here for a buyer is the opportunity to learn from a marketing guru how to build brands using social media. All of the processes used by the owner are easily trainable and do not require any specific knowledge of marketing. And further, the founder is not only going to be heavily involved in the transition plan to new ownership, but also will be available for any future needs or questions the new owner will have going forward. It is super important to the founder that this company continue to grow after it is sold.

Regarding the other staff members, the brand currently operates with 2 full-time employees that work as a customer service manager and an influencers manager. Like most eCommerce companies, they also rely on virtual assistants and freelancers for various work.

The customer service manager has been with the founder from the beginning. He has a high attention to detail and can operate autonomously. For the past few years, the founder has not had to get involved in any customer service issues, including chargebacks, reshipments, or returns, save for the rare cases where a customer is extremely difficult. The manager also handles all product fulfillment needs and coordinates with the US/China fulfillment teams and the suppliers.

He trains employees and contractors and has a network of contacts he reaches out to whenever a new VA is needed.

Another manager is also a trusted employee who handles all influencer payroll and

team payments on request when needed. He has a deep knowledge of Shopify and updates all the products and web pages on a monthly basis as per the creative brief. His responsibilities also include: customer success, fulfillment coordination, monitoring stock levels, updating product pages and websites as per the creative brief, data entry, and scheduling monthly social media content

The influencers manager is a workhorse. She has worked full-time for the brand for over a year and handles all the operations associated with influencers. This includes but is not limited to: collaborator communications, follow-ups on social media, coordinating orders, checking leads, data entry, monitoring brand tags and saving all content.

The freelance copywriter is a great copywriter who has been freelancing for the brand for over

2 years. She leads the majority of the promotional/creative ideations and has experience working with over five 7-figure eCommerce stores. The founder relies on her ability to come up with new and interesting offers and promotions, and she has great attention to detail. She manages the full end-to-end email system and her responsibilities include: promotion ideation, email copy, ad copy development and deployment, coordinating email and creative rollouts each month, social media copy and checking content

Graphic design is handled by a new team member who previously freelanced for the company and now is a member of the team. She handles all design matters for the brand, including: outlining creatives for the monthly brief, email design, ad design and website updates.

There is also a video editor on staff, who has been freelancing for the brand for over three years. She has a great turnaround period and often gets the ads right the first time or with little revisions needed.

And finally, a web developer on staff has been working with the company for about 2 years.


This acquisition boasts fantastic financials, glowing customer reviews, a complete staff of highly efficient and productive people, and high product demand.  Management has been eager to utilize the company’s potential to their fullest. One of the other scale opportunities they’ve taken upon themselves is the recent partnership with a US-based retail company that introduces the brand to thousands of boutiques nationwide. Their goal is to sell products in 25 boutiques as quickly as possible, after which they plan on targeting larger retail distributors such as Target and Bloomingdales. The products are already stocked at a multinational lifestyle retail corporation.

They have also recently contracted with a capable partner to assist in listing all mainline products on Amazon, which will be incredibly beneficial in getting that new sales channel off the ground. The company predicts it will lead to an additional $15,000 in sales every month soon after launch, and that that number will steadily rise as the new platform gets its footing.

Two additional product colors have also been lined up and will be launched in the upcoming months. The brand, along with the niche that they’re based in, is seeing more demand than ever and is rapidly adapting to create new products for their consumers and continue to grow. Amazon and TikTok will serve as great testing grounds for any other new product ideas or designs the company is interested in testing.

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Asking Price
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$ 303,196
Gross Income
$ 805,139
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