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eCommerce Brand in Female Supplement Products – 100% Organic Traffic – 50% Repeat Order Rate – Niche Products for Women – 11,000 Facebook Members


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce brand that fills a valuable, evergreen niche: providing lactation supplement products for nursing mothers. They have about a dozen SKUs consisting of drink mixes, cookie mixes, and baked goods, which serve the dual purpose of helping customers with their milk supply, while still giving them delicious, high-quality treats to curb their appetites.

Their product line is all hand-made by the current management, ensuring that each SKU uses top-quality, dairy-free ingredients for the health of both mother and baby. The great taste of their products, coupled with their affordable prices, make them a refreshing alternative to some of the pricier competitors out there.

The work that they put into their products hasn’t gone unnoticed by their customers, who delight in the array of satisfying snacks they provide. The brand has earned an Average Order Value of $75, an astounding 50% Repeat Customer Rate, and a rate of about 100 shipments made every week. As children are born throughout the year, there is a consistent demand from struggling mothers for their products, so the brand sees no seasonality to speak of.


One of the biggest testaments to the loyalty and appreciation that their customer base has for the brand is their lack of an advertising plan. The company has done no paid marketing since their launch, instead using social media like their private Facebook group and their glowing reputation to advertise their products. This strategy has given them an average rate of over 11,000 visitors to their website every month.

Scale Opportunities

The incredible following and growth the company has cultivated since they were founded means that the right buyer can quickly send their sales soaring. The minimalistic status of their current marketing campaign provides a great foundation for improvement and would be a good place to start. Given their success on Facebook, they could likely leverage TikTok and Instagram to their advantage to improve their organic marketing and run paid ads on them, as well as Facebook, to further push customers to their website.

They could also partner with influencers in their space to expand the customer base, and more quickly establish their reputation on any new social media platforms they decide to branch off into. Furthermore, this increase in advertising can be used to expand from Shopify into other online marketplaces like Amazon, where their products will be available to a wider consumer base.

A stronger online presence could then be used to aid them in the leap from eCommerce to retail, with the profits being used to hire additional employees to assist with manufacturing and other tasks.

The brand would also benefit from expanding their SKU options, whether through new products or current product variations. These products could then be marketed to their dedicated customer base and used to attract new customers who may have been looking for a specific type of supplement.


Many mothers face the problem of struggling to produce enough milk for their children is a common problem, and this company has found a loyal audience by providing an appetizing solution to that problem. They have thrived within their evergreen niche thanks to the great products created by the owner, making them a fantastic opportunity for a buyer who is passionate about the market and wants to scale.

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Asking Price
$ 516,000
Cash Flow
$ 258,244
Gross Income
$ 383,645
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