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eCommerce Brand in the European Weighted Blanket & Duvet Cover Space – Strong YOY Growth – Proprietary Products – $172 AOV – Strong Social Presence

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Website Closers® presents a thriving eCommerce Brand in the weighted blanket and sleeping products sector. The business has grown beyond all expectations and is still expanding. It has now extended abroad, and more regions will be considered for strategic expansion in the upcoming months.

This brand’s weighted blankets are filled with thousands of tiny glass balls made from natural silica sand. The glass balls provide an evenly distributed weight and optimal temperature. In addition, they are completely silent – even when a user moves. The weight varies according to the intended user and blanket size. This specific blanket is designed to keep a person warm and exert slight pressure to mimic the feeling of a hug. The experience may lift people’s spirits. As a result, weighted blankets are gaining popularity as complementary therapy for sensory issues.

The demand for weighted blankets has skyrocketed since the coronavirus pandemic. Because of the recession’s worsening effects, which include rising unemployment, the number of people with mental health issues grew. The weighted blanket market is expanding rapidly because it treats various illnesses, such as sleep, stress, anxiety, Asperger Syndrome, and autism. The brand has taken full advantage of the demand and dominated the market.

Due to growing rivalry and internet development, the weighted blanket market’s online distribution channel is predicted to grow significantly. Strong logistics and rising social media usage have considerably boosted this company’s revenue and brand awareness.

The company stocks all items with a 3PL partner in Denmark. In order to keep inventory under control, the owner strives to keep two months’ worth of safety merchandise in addition to one month’s worth of stock.

The digital marketing strategy has proven highly effective and encompasses various methods. Facebook and TikTok ads earn the company a 300% return on ad spend, while Google Ads almost double that. A far smaller marketing budget is allocated to Pinterest and Snapchat, chiefly for visibility—however, the platforms both attribute a ROAS of 800%.

Management has invested heavily in SEO, which is why the brand has become the market leader on multiple popular keywords. The move was shrewd because it’s a long-term investment, but one that has paid off handsomely.

Furthermore, the company maintains the number one spot for all affiliate partners in Denmark and Sweden. They receive a 20% commission, which gives the business a 400% ROAS on every sale, with little capital outlay. Affiliates now account for roughly 15% of all sales, and they assist in positioning the brand as a market leader in the eye of the public and the competition.

Notably, the proprietor only puts in 25 to 30 hours monthly, yet profits are soaring. Several agencies successfully manage the majority of the work because of the highly systematized nature of this operation, which only requires a small team. With a government tender in the works and recent expansion into two more EU nations, the brand’s profits will rise even higher. In the upcoming years, the market is anticipated to surge significantly.

An agency is utilized to handle Google Ads and SEO and has been an excellent investment. Another works on optimizing the website to increase conversion rates. At the same time, a third takes care of all email marketing to the extensive database.

As successful as this company is, growth opportunities are tremendous.

International expansion is an intriguing and promising possibility, given the brand’s domestic success. An owner should consider adding Amazon to their list of available sales channels. Then, they may swiftly sell domestically and abroad on the largest eCommerce platform, significantly increasing their revenue. Some excellent agencies can successfully manage the Amazon store, from product listing to keyword optimization to PPC advertising implementation. This option offers a high return on investment for an owner reluctant to assume this obligation.

A new owner would have tremendous potential to scale the business through mass retail. The brand has yet to make any inroads into the enormous wholesale market in this sector. Still, a targeted campaign might generate a new and substantial revenue stream, boosting repeat sales. Contracts with hospitals, for example, could bring in enormous revenues across the continent with repeat purchases. A new owner can also dramatically increase sales if they have a strong network of buyers or resellers.

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WC 2939

Asking Price
$ 2,700,000
Cash Flow
$ 641,809
Gross Income
$ 3,047,026
Year Established

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