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eCommerce Brand in the Firearms Parts & Accessories Sector – Patent Protected Products – Huge Social Media Following – Strong Organic Website Traffic

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Website Closers® presents a renowned eCommerce Brand specializing in high-quality custom gun parts and accessories. With a commitment to providing gun enthusiasts with top-notch products that enhance firearm performance without breaking the bank, this company has positioned itself as a trusted source for both OEM-quality replacements and aftermarket upgrades. Whether customers are looking to repair, upgrade, or build a firearm from scratch, the brand offers a wide range of options to cater to their needs.

Product Portfolio:

The company’s extensive product lineup covers a broad spectrum of popular commercial and homemade firearms, including Glocks, Sig Sauer, Polymer 80s, and more. The company offers a diverse range of parts and accessories, including pistol internals, precision optics, performance barrels, and custom trigger groups. This comprehensive catalog ensures that customers can find the perfect components to customize their firearms and optimize their shooting experience.

Valuation Points:

This eCommerce brand boasts several key valuation points that make it an attractive investment opportunity:

  • Well-Established Brand: it has built a strong and recognized brand within the firearms industry, known for its commitment to quality and affordability.
  • Proprietary Products: The company offers proprietary products that set it apart from competitors, giving customers unique customization options.
  • Patent Protected Products: With patented products in its portfolio, this business has a competitive edge, providing exclusive offerings to its customers.
  • Solid Organic Website Traffic: The company enjoys a steady stream of organic website traffic, indicating a strong online presence and customer engagement.
  • Enormous Email Database: This business has cultivated an extensive email subscriber list, with 212,000+ subscribers, offering a direct line of communication with a large customer base.
  • Huge Social Media Following: The brand’s significant social media following contributes to its reach and customer engagement.
  • Diversification of Sales: Sales are diversified across all product SKUs, reducing reliance on a single product category.

Growth Opportunities:

This company is poised for continued growth, with numerous opportunities on the horizon:

  • Develop Proprietary SKUs: Investing in the development of additional proprietary products will further differentiate this brand in the market.
  • Expand Existing SKUs: Continued expansion of the existing product line will cater to evolving customer preferences and demands.
  • Expand Branded Handgun Line: Leveraging the brand’s reputation, expanding the branded handgun line can capture more market share.
  • Expand Wholesale: Exploring wholesale distribution channels can open up new revenue streams and partnerships.
  • Acquisition of Additional Brands: Acquiring complementary brands in the firearms industry can lead to synergies and market expansion.

This eCommerce company’s strong brand, diverse product range, and commitment to innovation position it as an attractive investment opportunity in the firearms industry. With a solid foundation and numerous growth avenues, the business is well-positioned for future success.

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Technology, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers

WC 3179

Asking Price
$ 4,800,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,441,028
Gross Income
$ 4,234,514
Year Established

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