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eCommerce Brand in the Hunting & Tactical Products Sector – Laser Sighting Products to Aid in Aiming & Accuracy – Strong Social Following – 238% YOY Growth Rate


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce store that took aim at building a loyal audience, fired its best shot, and hit a bullseye. This brand, which operates as an online tactical products store, has five primary products in its arsenal that have brought in strong sales with a stunning 238% Year over Year Growth Rate … demonstrating how effectively this brand has captured their customer base and given them products they can’t find elsewhere.

It’s important to consider who those buyers are as the demographics are highly sought after for other products in adjacent verticals – hunters, shooters and other similar consumers. This brand is operating in a phenomenally lucrative field.

Consumers in this vertical are also known to be fiercely loyal to businesses that provide them with the products they’re looking for. These customers also spend considerable amounts of their disposable income on these products and related equipment, which is what this brand specializes in. Their customers have responded positively every step of the way. At the same time, this brand continues to launch surveys requesting customer feedback on what they would like to see in the future, giving them enormous growth opportunities moving forward. This is an eCommerce business at the starting gate of a massive growth curve.

Launched in 2020, the company began marketing 5 products under their own brand, complete with box design and personalized instructions. They include laser sighters to help calibrate and balance their scopes and sights. That accuracy gives their customers a much better shooting experience, while at the same time offering other benefits, such as saving money on the cost of ammunition.  Their lasers are highly adaptable to just about any use.

August and January are hunting seasons and that tends to be a heavy time of the year for them. Men make up the overwhelming number of buyers, although there are plenty of women hunters as well … they are now nearly 20% of this brand’s customer base. Their customers are also becoming something else: repeat buyers. The company has an increasing Repeat Customer Rate and an Average Order Value up from $54 to $61 as upsells continue to improve.

With vibrant social media accounts on Facebook (38,000+ followers) and Instagram (12,000+ followers), the brand has taken advantage of a smart social media strategy used to enhance both their organic and paid traffic. Video marketing is key on these sites, as the brand runs videos to demonstrate not just how their lasers work, but the excitement of using them.

With an enormous email database of 90,000+ subscribers, the brand effectively runs 8-10 email campaigns each month, which has become a growing percentage of sales. With 15,000+ phone numbers to access from their customer database, the company uses text messaging as well.

SEO has been a critical tool. The brand’s website is fully optimized for SEO keywords related to their products, and their brand name ranks highly for them in search engines. These marketing techniques are working. The company now receives 200,000+ uniquely monthly visitors.

The company stocks 100% of its products and ships between 150 and 250 packages a day, depending on the season, and they maintain an inventory that exceeds 5,500+ units to keep up with customer demand. More recently, the company diversified its sales channels. Their SKUs have been added to both Amazon and eBay, opening up sales to the millions of customers using both marketplaces. While these two platforms were only recently added, sales have started to multiply on both.

Their customer surveys have given the brand some ideas for an expansion of their SKUs, knowing what their customers are looking for, and they are exploring the possibility of adding print on demand t-shirts and other apparel to further diversify what they offer.

This is a highly automated business, one that the current owner spends 20 hours per week operating, with the assistance of three part-time customer service workers who handle all customer inquiries.

That leaves the owner to focus on tasks that include marketing, ads management, inventory, ordering, and editing videos for retargeting.

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