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eCommerce Brand in the Leatherworks Vertical – Top Selling Amazon Brand – Steady YOY Growth Since 2000 – 23% Repeat Order Rate – $35 AOV – Multiple Sales Channels

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Website Closers® presents a Leather Crafting eCommerce business that is marketing diverse products sourced from genuine leather. In addition to being a top-selling brand on Amazon, the company has a soaring reputation for creating products sourced from ethical and eco-friendly tanneries. With their trademarked brand name, the company now has a fast-growing reputation that’s bringing them plenty of rave reviews.

This is a popular niche within the apparel industry, as customers crave imported and domestic leather goods. This family-owned and operated business now sells products around the globe, and their position within the leathercraft market is so strong they maintain an Average Annual Growth Rate of 77%.

It’s a highly lucrative field. The global leather goods market reached $370.5 billion in 2022, with projections that it will increase to $505.1 billion by 2028, offering buyers a wide range of leather-made products, including clothing, footwear, bags, luggage and belts. As a highly durable material and one that can be made to look beautiful and stylish, leather products are in high demand, and with an Average Order Value of $35, the company is now processing a whopping 3,500 orders a month.

In addition to the look, style and durability of their products, the company ethically sources its leather, meaning they deal with manufacturers known for an environmentally friendly tanning process and proper treatment of animals. This has given this brand the ability to provide 100% natural leather products to their customers, and at great economic value.

Not only are many of their products now top sellers on Amazon, but the company has diversified its sales channels to include listings on Walmart, Etsy, eBay and their Shopify website. As they continue to grow in a vibrant niche space, the company Is primed to scale rapidly through numerous proven methods, including an expansion into B2B sales to wholesalers and retailers, expanding their SKUs to include new finished leather goods, and tapping into Amazon’s foreign platforms for a stronger international reach. With such a vibrant customer base today, the company could also add leathercrafting supplies and related accessories as a means of upsells and cross-sells.

Launched three years ago, the company has been providing its customers with belts and straps, lacing, and hides that enable their buyers to quickly start on their own appealing leather projects, whether they’re experienced crafters or beginners. A key part of the company’s appeal from the start has been their ability to connect with the leathercrafting community and help them learn how easy and fun it is to create items from their products.

As the company has grown, they now offer nearly 300 SKUs sold under their trademarked brand name. The company has found a very receptive audience on Amazon, which now makes up 85% of their sales, although their expansion onto additional sales channels has enabled the brand to reach out to an even wider audience.

On Amazon, where they operate on Seller Central and use Fulfillment By Amazon for fast and convenient shipping, they have a 94% positive Seller Rating and plenty of 5 Star reviews.

Their products appeal to all age groups, with those in the 45 to 54 age range being the largest segment. Men make up 57% of their buyers and women, 41%, while the household income of their buyers ranges from $50,000 to over $200,000. Sales remain steady throughout the year, with peaks during the start of the year and then again around the holidays.

Research has been a key to their success. The company keeps close tabs on what is currently selling in the market, as well as the shifting price points. Their own products are launched to compete directly with top-selling items, although the company provides the added advantage of making their products available in different sizes, colors, and with a firm leather thickness, giving their buyers a wider range to select from. A robust 23% of their customers make repeat purchases.

This is a smooth and efficient business operation. They stock 100% of their listings, keeping several hundred SKUs in stock at their 3PL, with the rest cut to order. At least $300,000 worth of inventory is maintained regularly. They now ship up to 150 orders daily from a third-party vendor while Fulfillment by Amazon handles an additional 10-30 products a day.

Their products are sourced from the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, and Turkey, and these suppliers maintain local stock for distribution across the U.S. Their products from Mexico are manufactured directly for them, and they have the option for a similar arrangement through their supplier in Turkey. New orders are placed weekly, biweekly and monthly, depending on the product type and vendor.

The company has strong relations with each of their suppliers after more than two years of working together.

Daily tasks are managed by contractors who oversee customer service, order management, graphic design, bookkeeping and social media management. The current ownership focuses on managing the staff, setting business priorities and strategies, and researching new listing opportunities.

PCC ads run on Amazon have proven to be the brand’s strongest marketing tool, along with email campaigns to the 8,600+ subscribers in their email database. Email promotions have been particularly effective in boosting upsells. The company is now enjoying a 600% sales increase on their Shopify site.

Social media also plays a role in driving organic traffic to their site, with posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok used effectively to expand their customer base. These digital marketing tactics are working, delivering 134,500+ monthly page views on their Amazon site, 8,500+ on their Etsy platform, and 6,600+ on their eBay shop.

There are a lot of reasons today why consumers across the globe love leather products. These items last longer, often a lifetime. Leather used for clothing remains trendy and can be personalized into jackets, gloves, caps, and other items. Leather jackets have a loved classical look.

As this company has demonstrated, once you win over the hearts of your buyers, you can operate an enormously successful business. This one has the added benefit of high recurring revenues and great scale opportunities

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Asking Price
$ 900,000
Cash Flow
$ 226,600
Gross Income
$ 1,493,942
Year Established

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