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eCommerce Brand in the Streetwear Vertical – All In-House Designs – Partnerships with Renowned Designers & Artists – 25% Repeat Orders – 1M Email Subs

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Website Closers® presents a leading eCommerce Fashion Brand specializing in print-on-demand (POD) products with an expansive collection of over 10,000 uniquely crafted products. This brand doesn’t just create apparel; it crafts garments that carries significance and inspires others. Since its inception, management has built an empire in response to the growing demand for expressive clothing. And the company has continued that growth trajectory even today.

By astutely establishing global partnerships with prominent designers, the owner has positioned their apparel on an international platform, aiming to adorn millions with their unique designs. Despite immense success, ethical values reign supreme at this firm; the company’s foundation rests on sustainability, producing custom-made clothing with minimal environmental impact and aspiring to redefine fashion by intertwining artistry with eco-consciousness.

Initially, all designs were exclusively made by in-house designers, but now collaborations with distinguished figures and artists from various fields enrich the repertoire. Every order is printed post-customer order, resulting in minimal inventory and zero wastage. Primarily utilizing a DropShipping model, about 90% of orders are fulfilled on demand, with only 10% of current top sellers maintained in stock.


The brand stands head and shoulders above its competitors by overseeing the entire supply chain, from fabric sourcing to order fulfillment. Establishing a logistical hub in Asia, they efficiently ship products globally via UPS and FedEx at a lower cost than any US or English-speaking country-based company. This approach translates to reduced costs, swifter production, and more competitive pricing. Moreover, the company retains ownership of all designs and has forged partnerships with industry giants. Diverging from the traditional eCommerce model where a few products dominate sales, their demand-oriented approach showcases an extensive array of designs, diminishing reliance on specific items for revenue. At no given time does any single product contribute more than 3% of total sales, reflecting the leadership’s commitment to carving out unique styles rather than chasing trends. This ethos has garnered a dedicated following of art and fashion aficionados.

Initially focused on growth, the business shifted gears post-pandemic and supply chain disruptions, which resulted in resource and financial setbacks. This compelled a transformation towards prioritizing profitability, marked by a strategic decision to hike prices considerably. This savvy move significantly boosted profits, enabling the business to enhance personalized customer care and the overall user experience.


The company procures products from two suppliers based in China. Upon order placement, it’s routed to either supplier, triggering either forwarding to a factory or an immediate initiation of the printing process. Completing the product through printing and sewing takes about three to five days. After this, items are shipped directly to customers or, in the case of inventory orders, to European or US warehouses. Shipping typically spans one to two weeks, a detail communicated to customers. Notably, this approach adds a personalized touch and maintains high conversion rates.

Rather than having standout individual products, the wide variety prevents a concentrated reliance on any given SKUs. While some products experience temporary high demand, particularly upon release, balance is swiftly restored. Among product types, hoodies drive 50% of all sales, complemented by other upper wear.

Marketing, Sales, & Workload

The digital marketing strategy is focused on utilizing paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram to showcase and endorse products. The brand maintains a robust presence on these platforms through active social media profiles. Additionally, they collaborate with influencers on Meta, providing complimentary products in exchange for promotion. These influencers act as brand ambassadors, showcasing a significant return on investment. Email campaigns facilitate engaging existing and prospective customers with a vast database of over 1 million subscribers.

Sales exhibit consistent stability throughout the year, with customary peaks during the final quarter. The typical customer falls into the mid-twenties male demographic, occasionally investing more in quality garments. Management actively strives to enhance customer lifetime value by prioritizing exceptional customer experience, and the results are evident through an ever-increasing repeat purchase rate.

Even as it grows, the owner dedicates less than two hours daily to the business. Tasks primarily revolve around monitoring key performance indicators, strategizing, and managing finances. He has streamlined systems extensively and built a proficient team that a buyer will inherit.

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Asking Price
$ 3,300,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,005,319
Gross Income
$ 5,249,482
Year Established

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