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eCommerce Brand – Jewelry Niche – Strong Presence on Facebook & TikTok where 98% of Traffic is Generated – YOY Growth – Easy to Operate – $45 AOV

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Website Closers® presents a profitable eCommerce business with a philanthropic heart. The company has witnessed significant revenue with healthy margins through wolf-themed merchandise, predominantly selling jewelry and accessories.

The business was built by animal lovers who decided to begin a small project to save and repopulate the wolf population worldwide. Proceeds raised from sales help provide food and other necessities to keep these beautiful creatures happy, healthy, and protected from being hunted.

The DropShipping model is uncomplicated yet effective, and marketing is straightforward. Facebook and TikTok drive 98% of traffic to the website, which now receives 82,000 monthly visitors.

The Facebook media strategy is not time-consuming and works as follows:

The owner begins with ten ad sets targeting audiences over 10 million with broad interests. $20 to $25 is spent on each ad set, and automatic placements are used with a 1-day click attribution. The tactic is to double down on well-performing ads by raising the budget and scaling horizontally and vertically.

On TikTok, creatives begin with a $50 campaign budget optimization. The system involves broad targeting with no interests. Five ad sets comprising three ads are tested and then scaled.

Snapchat is also used on a small scale, and daily posts on the brand’s Pinterest page result in 182,000 monthly visits on average.

A key selling point is the lack of seasonality in sales. It is an evergreen store in a zealous niche. Sales are consistent throughout the year, with peaks in Q4 and around the Chinese New Year.

All products are sourced through an agent in China. The owner has nurtured this relationship for nearly four years and receives incredibly dependable service. The supplier uses software to fulfill orders for the company, and customers receive orders within eight to twelve days. The supplier also reorders inventory in advance based on sales expectations. As a result, products are always in stock. Inventory is typically ordered two weeks in advance throughout the year, temporarily transitioning to one month during peak periods. Payment is executed through a wire transfer or link.

All products sold are of the highest quality, as customer feedback and glowing reviews will attest.

The archetypal customer is 25 years and over, evenly split between genders, and from the lower to middle class. They value self-expression and authenticity and have strong political convictions and opinions. Their interests include:

  • Charity And Donations
  • Physical Fitness
  • Nature
  • Self-Development
  • Traveling
  • Hiking
  • Pets
  • Yoga

The owner endures an extremely light workload of around five hours weekly, and a buyer could easily outsource tasks to enjoy entirely passive income. The only employee is a customer service virtual assistant who handles all contact through email. Contractors are used for fulfillment and inventory management.

The virtual assistant and supplier handle most operational tasks. Daily operations for the owner include creating and running Facebook and TikTok ads as well as monitoring their performance. Additionally, he processes returns and checks in with customer care and fulfillment team members from time to time.

This company has tremendous growth opportunities, particularly in the niche jewelry market. Product expansion is an obvious next step and would entice new customers and encourage repeat orders from existing customers, increasing their lifetime value.

Selling on additional eCommerce platforms presents another opportunity for substantial growth. Amazon, Walmart, and eBay are all colossal platforms with hundreds of millions of potential customers.

Strategic collaborations with sanctuaries regarding content and the social mission have proven lucrative for many online retailers driven by a cause, as has influencer marketing.

Implementing a blog emphasizing SEO is an excellent strategy for medium to long-term growth and boosting organic sales. Perhaps the most apparent opportunity at hand is simply setting up a robust email and SMS campaign with segmented flows. It is a highly cost-effective and automated technique that can realistically bring in up to 30% of total revenue.

Continuing to build out the narrative of protecting wolves and then replicating that model by introducing additional products with other animals for different causes would undoubtedly boost revenue with little effort. Saving dolphins, bees, or elephants, for example, could quadruple revenue with astute marketing.

This highly systemized business presents various options for a buyer, depending on their interest. A new owner could earn recurring revenue with little effort while scaling the brand, and skyrocketing revenues are undoubtedly attainable for an ambitious buyer. Few skills and little time are required to run this business, and the existing owner will be available 24/7 during the buying process to answer all concerns and questions. He is highly motivated to assist a buyer and is prepared to offer seller financing.

This eCommerce Brand is Represented by:

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Asking Price
$ 450,000
Cash Flow
$ 129,105
Gross Income
$ 676,052
Year Established

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