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eCommerce Brand of Magnetic Charging Cables & Smartphone Accessories – $40 AOV – 27% Repeat Order Rate – Strong TikTok Following

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Website Closers® presents a highly automated business with great systems in place. This is an eCommerce company that made a strong connection to their target audience, finding creative ways to charge up their sales and continue bringing new buyers on board. The company is operating in the profitable field of smartphone accessories, which is now a $104 billion industry. This company maintains a leading position in the niche space of cable connectors – the lifeblood of power for anyone who relies on a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. But they offer their customer more than simply a charger, which is why this company is growing at such a rapid pace.

It’s also why the company is ideally positioned to scale rapidly, simply by introducing new products in a field growing by leaps and bounds thanks to improving technology.

In the past three years, the company’s hero product has been a 3-in-1 magnetic charging cable, one that offers the maximum amount of convenience. It allows customers to save time by charging all their devices with one magnetic cable. Simply insert the magnetic heads into your devices, and everything gets charged at once. As this brand has discovered, there’s a vibrant market for this product, enabling them to expand to other accessories on their Shopify website, and product expansion
is a key to their future growth.

Today, people of all ages virtually never leave their homes without a smartphone at their side. We’ve all become highly dependent on these devices. Because these phones are made with batteries that require recharging on a constant basis, and can’t be replaced, this has created a massive market for smartphone accessories with the charger being at the top of the list. Everyone who owns a smartphone today – an estimated 6.57 billion smartphones in the world, with smartphone users increasing by 5% each year – the demand for electronic device chargers are soaring. Every smartphone owner needs at least one.

Of course, technology keeps improving so that the devices get more sophisticated and can offer advanced savings and convenience. That’s exactly what has driven this brand’s profits, as they tap into the public’s desire for new, innovative, and better chargers.

They’re enjoying healthy profit margins today by marketing their product as something everyone wants: the very last cable they’ll ever need to keep their devices running.

The device comes with additional benefits, including a fully rotating head to prevent the cable from breaking, and it’s ideal for traveling. The mass market appeal of this product has enabled the company to bring in revenue close to $1 million and to get highly favorable reviews from their expanding customer base. As they have added on new accessories, they now have a 27% Repeat Customer Rate, a percentage that continues rising.

Sourced from a single trusted manufacturer, their products are shipped to the manufacturer’s warehouse where orders are processed. As a long-time customer, they have negotiated great deals on pricing that make this a very attractive proposition for a buyer.

Their products are custom branded with their logo printed on each one, and they work with the manufacturer to ensure they’re using the highest quality materials and come with a safety certificate as well.

Their attractive custom packaging (which is recyclable), which the company designed themselves, also helps this company stand out from the competition.

Savings are made by utilizing a 3PL located in China, which can ship quickly to their client base in Australia, the UK, and the US. They maintain an inventory of $20,000 to keep up with demand and are now ordering additional inventory on a monthly basis.

At an Average Order Value of $40, these chargers and related accessories are selling at a steady pace through the year and don’t get impacted by seasonal factors. Whenever someone buys a new smartphone, they are likely to become a future customer. They have strong demographics now after operating for nearly 3 years, appealing to families with several children who each own numerous devices. They also appeal solidly to tech enthusiasts and gamers who own a lot of devices and gadgets.

This remains a rapidly innovating industry, and with so many interesting new products coming out, this company is keeping its eye on the emerging trends which can help them scale in the future. The company has fully understood that its customers want the newest products offering the highest amount of convenience. Products that have a minimal look and design but plenty of sophisticated features are poised to do well in the future.

With sales very strong on their Shopify website, the company needed a sophisticated marketing plan to bring people to the site. They achieved that in a multi-layered approach to reaching people. That included running PPC ads on Facebook, Snapchat, and Google, which has helped to drive up to 60% of their revenue, and email marketing and SMS text messaging. With an email database of 45,000+ subscribers and 20,000+ in their SMS feed, the company is well-positioned to take advantage of these subscribers for their newsletter campaigns.

Their affiliate marketing campaign is driving an additional 10% of revenue, and so is their social media marketing, with 7,000+ Instagram followers, 10,000+ on TikTok (where they have enjoyed 73,000+ likes), and 4,000+ on Facebook. The company is getting the kind of organic traffic they need since they are now averaging a hefty 40,000+ unique monthly visits to their website.

The company has also done particularly well with video marketing. Their videos on YouTube have received up to 60,000+ views, and they are now posting 3-7 organic videos each week on TikTok, which have gained a whopping 600,000+ views.

This has given the company the buyers they set out to find, and they’re enjoying very favorable 5 Star reviews for their products.

At this point, the business is highly automated. The current owner works no more than 5 hours per week on the company, focusing on ordering inventory, managing PPC ads, collaborating with influencers on content, and working with video editors and graphic designers.

The company employs a full-time operations manager and numerous part-time employees, including video editors, graphic designers, a Facebook comment moderator, and a website speed and SEO optimizer.

Operating in the field of smartphone accessories is going to continue being enormously lucrative since the manufacturers of those devices are going out of their way to ensure they keep introducing new devices that do much more than the older version. That means people will keep buying and buying each new model. That keeps the market for accessories at a sky-high level as well. This company is a prime example of that.

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$ 181,409
Gross Income
$ 813,445
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