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eCommerce Brand of Men’s Dress Shoes – All Products Sold under In-House Brand – No Inventory Retained (Drop Ship) – 300,000+ Monthly Visitors – Marketing Campaigns are Dialed In

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Website Closers® presents a thriving Men’s Footwear Brand that has performed well at market since inception. Their team of professional shoemakers handcraft each pair of shoes so that the quality and comfort are beyond expectation. And while this company focuses on sales via Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce on their Website, they have gone beyond most shoe brands by creating true brand awareness via Social Media, which has allowed them to create a loyal base of customers.


A unique line of dress shoes for men, the company has built its own niche which can be scaled beyond eCommerce into Retail, Marketplace and Wholesale. All products are sold under their trademarked name, which is historical in nature and seems like it has been around for centuries.

Thanks to trusted relationships with suppliers who drop ship their products for them, there is no need for expensive warehouse leases, fees, or employees. And importantly for a new owner, no working capital or lending must be used to invest in inventory, which is normally a trouble spot for most eCommerce shoe brands, who normally have to invest in many different shoe sizes and styles upfront… and then sell the products to the market. With a drop shipping model, all funds are taken up front and orders are made with the supplier as they are received. Upfront cash, no warehouse fees and no need for inventory investment equals much more cash flow (profits) for the owner.

With a strong use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to drive sales, and with operating expenses kept low thanks to their Drop Shipping Model, the company has become a well-oiled and highly turnkey operation. While the founder worked hard and many hours to originally build up the business to what it is now, currently only 2 hours per week are needed to maintain the business where it is since the company has a strong staff in place to manage day-to-day operations.

The Footwear Market

Footwear is certainly one of our most thriving industries globally. In fact, footwear is the second most important fashion segment in the retail business behind Apparel, and the global Footwear market is now worth $391 billion. All segments within the Footwear market (Sneakers, Athletic Footwear, Leather Footwear and Textile & Other Footwear) are expected to grow by more than 30% through 2025.

The global men’s shoe market is also growing, and new trends are replacing the once reliable ‘timeless style’ of men’s formal and casual footwear, with plenty of new menswear tides that sweep over the landscape with the promise of innovative shoe trends. This brand, fully aware that innovations in design and comfort drive sales, has created the perfect model for appealing to their 226,535 customers.

The company adopted a simple, reliable formula for success.

Launched in 2020, the company was created with a simple but highly effective eCommerce model. The founder buys shoes from their supplier, brands them and resells them with a solid emphasis on social media.

The company has its own custom molds for large shoes and wide shoes that are uniquely designed for them, and they source from multiple factories. They also have backup factories in place should that become necessary.

Having grown to 10 parent listings with an Average Order Value of $86 and a Customer Acquisition Cost of $43, the company has developed a solid reputation among men aged 45+ and older, and their products sell year-round, with little seasonal factors. Sales typically peak around Black Friday and Christmas. Their growth has enabled the company to add several accessories, including men’s belts and pants, and socks.

With products conveniently DropShipped by their suppliers, they are now shipping on average around 300+ orders a day.

Social media is key to their growth.

Social media marketing has given this company a powerful tool to continuously expand their customer base. They have utilized Facebook as a key source of their marketing campaign, continuously testing new creatives on a weekly basis, which has been their key to activating their target audience amidst any algorithm disruptions such as Apple’s iOS 14.5 release in April 2021. Their ability to speak directly to a broad 45+ male demographic that needs what Gatsby Shoes provide is one of their keys to success.

Additional social media sites such as Instagram and TikTok are also used to promote their products. TikTok has proven to be particularly effective and is now generating up to 10% of their revenue.

Besides a talent for marketing through their social media posts, additional digital tools have enabled the company to grow quickly. Their SEO program provides them with strong organic traffic, and that includes their blog posts, which use backlinks to help them rank higher in search engines. They now enjoy a sizeable 300,000+ unique monthly visitors to their website.

Another traditional marketing tool, email newsletters, has also become an effective means of growing sales. With 120,000+ subscribers in their database, these email campaigns are now driving up to 25% of monthly revenue.

Continued social media branding is certain to keep driving their sales higher, although the company does have additional scale opportunities open to them, including adding their listings to Amazon and Walmart, launching an influencer campaign, expanding sales internationally, and creating new SKUs under their brand name.

This is a highly automated company.

The current owner employs independent contractors to handle daily operations, and outside of managing the staff, the owner rarely spends more than 5 hours per week running this company, and often as little as two hours.

The company does use a 3PL in Utah where they continuously stock boxes of shoes to keep up with orders, but they have not needed to maintain inventory since their suppliers handle that. In fact, their main shoe supplier provides 100% of their inventory even as several other factories are making the same products for them. In each case, this brand has built solid and trusted relationships with each supplier.

Since fashion is something that never goes out of style, this brand is a reminder of how profitable it can be to find footwear that customers appreciate, and how many doors social media marketing has opened to relatively new brands to find their customer base. As shoes remain among our most evergreen products, this company is well positioned for future skyrocketing growth.

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Asking Price
$ 2,655,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,076,636
Gross Income
$ 9,115,345
Year Established

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