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eCommerce Brand of Pest Control Devices – Strong YOY Growth – Many DTC & Marketplace Sales Channels – International Player in this Space

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Website Closers® presents a thriving eCommerce Brand that has garnered a highly receptive audience with its range of practical and eco-friendly at-home pest control products. The company operates multichannel via Amazon and its branded websites, where most sales are generated.

The business owners lived in Brisbane and, like their fellow countrymen, struggled year after year with all types of bugs, especially mosquitoes, during the hot Australian summers. Tired of hazardous chemicals that would harm the environment and their health, they created an environmentally friendly mosquito solution without toxic chemicals in its formula. The initial product was marketed, and sales immediately soared. Since then, the company has continually created and successfully launched innovative solutions for all types of pests that Australians and individuals worldwide have to deal with. Today, countless consumers love the formulas and devices, contributing to the brand’s credibility and top and bottom lines.

Sourcing, Inventory, & Fulfillment

Products are sourced and white-labeled through reliable Asian suppliers with whom the owners have cultivated excellent relationships. A 100% stock model is utilized, with inventory maintained between 3PL facilities in Asia, Australia, and the US, from where 70 to 100 orders are dispatched daily. Between 7 and 30 days of stock is kept on hand based on sales volume and lead times. Orders are typically placed every 2 to 3 weeks, and favorable payment terms have been negotiated, which will become increasingly beneficial as the business scales.

Markets & Marketing

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy drives 200,000 monthly website visitors and additional traffic to products on Amazon. The foundation is built on direct-response advertising that targets the brand’s core customer personas. Facebook is responsible for most of the demand generation model, supported by robust efforts via email and SMS marketing. Google search and Shopping and Amazon PPC also contribute positively.

Customer service agents monitor all social media pages daily, quickly responding to and engaging with prospective customers. Those customers typically comprise middle-class individuals between 45 and 70, seeking quality and innovation to solve their mosquito or pest problems. Management has recently implemented a subscription program to reduce customer acquisition costs, increase their lifetime value, and generate a stable recurring revenue stream.

The company operates primarily in Australia and the US, accounting for 80% of sales. Canada and New Zealand contribute to the remaining orders. Sales peak from November to April, mainly due to the influx of mosquitos during the balmy summer months and year-end holiday shopping.

The top-selling product is rodent-repellent pouches, which currently account for 70% of all sales. It is an evergreen product that experiences steady demand throughout the year, with a standard peak during the Q4 holiday surge. However, during summer, sales of mosquito devices are expected to dramatically increase and represent at least 50%.

Business Operations

The owners focus primarily on managing the team, creative ideation and review, media buying, new product tests, and CRO.

Four full-time staff work in video editing, customer service, and marketing. Three additional freelancers handle video editing, graphic design, and web design.

Google PPC is outsourced to an individual who manages the account on a monthly retainer.

The business operations have been streamlined extensively, and the groundwork laid for a new owner to transition seamlessly into a management role. Aside from understanding how to oversee an advertising agency or manage a small internal team and control inventory, few special skills are required for a buyer to enjoy continued success. The existing owners are motivated to ensure continued success and will stay on as needed for training.

Industry Trajectory & Potential

The at-home pest control device market is on an upward trajectory, especially in prominent regions like the US and Australia. As online shopping continues to burgeon, consumers increasingly seek out and purchase these products via eCommerce platforms. An influential reason for this growth is that the pest control industry is largely recession-proof. Regardless of economic conditions, pests like insects and rodents will always be a concern, producing a constant need for control measures. This ensures an evergreen demand for products that help individuals address these issues.

Furthermore, future projections are favorable for the business. As urbanization advances and climates change, new pest-related challenges arise, fueling the appetite for effective and convenient solutions. Notably, the global nature of the problem means that there are untapped regions around the world waiting to be serviced. With more countries developing and their middle classes growing, the market will present tremendous opportunities for this brand.

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Asking Price
$ 2,950,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,349,717
Gross Income
$ 5,311,934
Year Established

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