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eCommerce Brand Specializing in Pest Control Devices | 97% YOY Earnings Growth | 50,000+ Monthly Website Visitors | 42% Organic Sales

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Website Closers® presents a trademarked eCommerce brand that offers a highly effective fly-repellent fan designed to provide a pest-free environment for food and beverages when enjoyed outdoors. The business is primarily D2C but experiences retail sales directly from its website, which are occasionally substantial, as evidenced by a recent order worth $7,000. The team is now replying to wholesale requests with strong indications of a substantial new revenue stream.

Market Outlook

Outdoor living has been propelled to the top of homeowners’ wish lists and, subsequently, has become a top priority for architects and professionals focused on residential design. The US has seen a surge in demand for outdoor furniture as more people are investing in creating comfortable and stylish outdoor living spaces. In 2024, revenue generated in the Outdoor Furniture market in the US is expected to reach nearly $18 billion.

The Product

The innovative product works by utilizing dots to refract light, which scares insects. Bending light is not typical in nature, and it appears dangerous to them while remaining 100% chemical-free and harmless to humans. This unique repellent comes with soft and flexible blades that detect a hand approaching and immediately stop spinning. As a result, it has become tremendously popular for camping, picnics, barbeques, family cookouts, and home use because the fan is unobtrusive and safe when individuals are ready to dish their food.

Top value propositions for the company include:

  • Perceived premium quality
  • Product simplicity
  • A solid track record with Facebook’s customer feedback score
  • A low chargeback rate of 0.1%

Sourcing & Logistics

Products are sourced from a trusted Asian supplier, with whom the owner has cultivated a lengthy and excellent relationship. He has secured the most competitive prices and shipping terms with them, unmatched by others. Additionally, order fulfillment is handled by the supplier. The business maintains a lean inventory strategy whereby it is stocked in advance, and payments are settled subsequently. Regular communication is maintained; however, the supplier observes inventory levels via a Shopify plug-in and plans accordingly, typically covering a 10-day sales cycle. Terms are favorable and structured as payable every 10 days during off-peak seasons and every 3 days during high-demand periods. The founder developed custom software for calculating payments to facilitate seamless operations.

Customer Acquisition

The marketing strategy is diversified across multiple channels. Management heavily invests in Facebook advertising, which produces a healthy ROAS. Similarly, Google Ads have shown promising results, while Pinterest ads contribute to organic sales and are useful for Google retargeting. Organic sales benefit from technical SEO and speed optimization, and email marketing has greatly improved since utilizing a new agency, with revenue increasing from 5% to 20% through the channel.

The brand also utilizes influencer marketing, notably collaborating with a Real Housewives TV show personality, costing $150 per post with returns of around $1,500. Another program includes 29 affiliates. The team continually strives to boost sales and improve conversions. Aside from optimizing the website’s speed and implementing technical SEO, they are launching a blog to further organic reach.

Given the product’s nature, the audience is broad and includes males and females over 25. The ideal customer is over 40 and often a housewife of mid to high socioeconomic status.

The business enjoys peak sales in the US summer, astutely balanced in the off-season by directing efforts toward Australia and Arabic countries.

Workload & Personnel

Due to the systemized operations and outsourcing of many tasks to leading agencies, the owner dedicates as little as 7 hours weekly to the business. Primary tasks include supplier payments, Facebook ads adjustments, business development, agency coordination, and tax compliance.

The seller utilizes flexible agencies and freelancers to reduce costs and workload. The team comprises a consistent customer support individual, a developer, and an individual who manages various tasks as necessary.

A buyer with proficiency in digital marketing, particularly Facebook ads, or the ability to delegate tasks is poised for continued success. Basic management and cash flow skills and a passion for online business in general would be beneficial for scaling the venture. Knowledge of Amazon marketplace operations and influencer marketing would also be advantageous for expansion but can easily be outsourced.

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Asking Price
$ 1,150,000
Cash Flow
$ 352,527
Gross Income
$ 1,938,297
Year Established

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