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eCommerce Brand | Unique & Artistic Calendars & Memo Pads | 118k+ Monthly Uniques | 30% Net Margins | 630,000+ Social Media Followers

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Website Closers® presents a flourishing eCommerce Brand specializing in 3D Artistic Calendars and Memo Pads. Upon tearing off the pages of these products, customers unveil a unique art piece. The brand offers 15 SKUs, eight of which are exclusive to it, and plans are underway to introduce additional products. Sales predominantly occur within the US through a meticulously optimized Shopify website, supplemented by a growing European presence.

Calendars have a rich tradition of serving as practical tools and ornaments in both household and office settings. Throughout history, their designs have progressed from basic paper-based formats to intricate works of art. Themed calendars, for example, have emerged as sought-after collectibles. Similarly, the integration of lighting components is a more recent advancement, elevating their attractiveness as decorative pieces, and this company has adeptly seized upon the trend.

Business Broker Takeaway

Our analysis of this online business for sale shows that the value propositions present are strong for a first-time buyer looking to get into the online space. We are excited about this business for three important reasons:

  1. It benefits from a dependable and adaptable supplier providing a comprehensive range of products, including eight exclusive SKUs contributing to a distinct brand identity. Leveraging this partnership, the company has established a reliable supply chain and secures competitive pricing, resulting in impressive 30% net profit margins. Furthermore, management has introduced customized packaging that features a discount code for returning customers, leading to increased repeat purchases.
  2. A robust online presence, driven by an expansive social media following of 630,000 across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, has contributed to vast organic traffic. The company only began paid advertising in September 2023, which has yielded fruitful results and signifies immense expansion potential for a buyer.
  3. Operations are straightforward, highly optimized, and scalable. The owner operates the business with minimal time commitment, requiring only a virtual assistant for customer service and a thirdparty logistics company for inventory and shipping.

Additional Value Propositions

The business boasts several additional value propositions that make it a desirable acquisition.

It distinguishes itself by offering unique items not typically found in mainstream stores, catering to customers seeking distinctive products for gift-giving purposes.

Since its inception, the owner has prioritized using high-quality materials and craftsmanship in all products. This ensures that customers receive items that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable.

The company effectively meets two critical factors that drive eCommerce purchases. Firstly, it provides a personalized customer experience, catering to the growing demand for such service. Secondly, it upholds a commitment to sustainability, with all products being recyclable after use.

These products are also interactive, like the light-up calendar, offering customers more than just a gift. They provide an engaging experience that marries decor and practicality.


The owner procures stock directly from a supplier, who then ships it to a 3PL partner’s warehouse. From there, all customer orders are fulfilled. The supplier and the warehouse are situated in Asia, and the logistics process has consistently operated smoothly.

Stock levels fluctuate slightly according to seasonality, but typically, the business maintains around 4,200 units or $45,000 worth of inventory. Purchase orders are initiated when the quantity on hand is insufficient to meet demand for seven days. This short lead time positively impacts cash flow by minimizing excessive stock holding.

Marketing, Seasonality, & Workload

The website receives substantial organic traffic but has witnessed a surge in visitors since management initiated paid advertising. The marketing strategy is now driven by ads on Facebook and Instagram that realize a healthy 4.35 ROAS.

Sales remain strong throughout the year, with an uptick in Q4, aligning with the holiday season when demand for gift items is at its highest.

Aside from a customer service rep, the owner requires no staff and dedicates only one hour daily to the business. Primary tasks involve:

  • Developing the brand through new product ideas and ad creatives.
  • Conveying customer orders to the 3PL for fulfillment.
  • Answering special inquiries from customers.

No specialized skills are necessary for a new owner to transition into a management role and sustain profitability seamlessly. The virtual assistant and third-party fulfillment services can be effortlessly transferred to a buyer, who can hire content creators for video ads and organic posts or independently undertake these tasks.

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WC 3323

Asking Price
$ 1,100,000
Cash Flow
$ 437,412
Gross Income
$ 1,392,888
Year Established

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