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SBA Prequalified eCommerce Business with 29 Websites Selling in 6 Countries – 17% Margins – 100% Dropship Model – 2,000+ SKUs available – $55 AOV

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Website Closers® presents a unique eCommerce brand that has boomed into a dropship empire. Within a short amount of time, it has grown its portfolio to a spectacular 29 individual websites, each carrying its own selection to hone in on a wide variety of markets and consumer interests.

The company sells in more than 6 countries, and its 2,000+ SKUs have earned them both a diverse product line, and a diverse customer base that many other companies would be hard-pressed to achieve.

Their stores are divided by region and sell primarily in English-speaking countries such as the US, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, though they have also started testing the waters in Spain and Mexico. The stores are further divided into General Stores, Niche Stores, and “Branded” stores, and sell from 12 main categories.

These categories include, but aren’t limited to, Tech Gadgets, Fitness, Toys, and Sports and Outdoors, which gives them a position in several lucrative markets. The company has earned an Average Order Value of $55 USD and countless 5-star reviews through this strategy, and has avoided the trap of SKU concentration that many other dropship businesses fall into.

The company’s strong product diversification also means that they see strong, consistent profits year-round, and a respectable sales track record for each of its storefronts. Due to each store targeting prominent niches, it also means that most SKUs are on roughly the same level of profitability.

Their most popular product, a stuffed elephant toy for infants, makes up about 9.7% of total sales, with their second and third best-selling products falling not far behind at 6% each.

Their dropship model has granted them numerous benefits. It has made it a much simpler process to grow their portfolio to the massive size it is now, as, thanks to a strong relationship with their several suppliers, it’s easy to find and add new SKUs to their roster. These products can be added as they see fit or dropped with no dead inventory if they aren’t doing well enough, giving the company a clear-cut method of scaling its brand.

Not only that, but the suppliers are the ones responsible for handling shipping and inventory. This saves the brand money that would have otherwise been used on a warehouse and its employees and gives them fast shipping and quality products without the headache of managing this side of the business.

The company has also worked with its suppliers long enough that they offer the brand special discounts, free packaging options, and other fabulous benefits that will be passed along to the buyer.

The current owner’s daily responsibilities consist of marketing, product development, fulfillment, and customer service, though much of this work could be handled by employees if the buyer opts to do so. Because they don’t need to worry about warehousing and inventory, they have more time to focus on developing the brand and providing quality customer service. This customer service is often praised by consumers, and a contributing factor behind many of their 5-star reviews.

They maintain a simple, but highly effective marketing strategy, utilizing both Google Ads and Google Shopping advertisements to bring in most of their paid traffic. They also make frequent use of their 150,000+ strong list of email contacts through targeted messages and Short Message Service, in order to encourage customers to go through with purchases and offering them discounts.

Though this strategy has been great in raising the company to the size it is now, it could be improved upon by exploring new online traffic sources, such as display and text advertisements, and launching their first marketing campaign on social media.

Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are used by an overwhelmingly large audience. By expanding here, they could ensure that their brand reaches as many potential consumers as possible.

Additionally, they could also make further use of their contact list by starting up an email marketing campaign, which could provide subscribers information on discounts, special deals and offerings. These emails could feature announcements about events like Cyber Monday and Black Friday as well, bringing in more sales during already profitable times.

Another way that they could grow their brand would be to expand into new, non-English speaking countries, like France, Germany, and Italy. These regions all show incredible promise for the brand, and, if pursued, could strengthen their international customer base to a mind-boggling extent.

At the moment, the company only sells off their own storefronts, so another possible route for expansion would be to start selling on popular eCommerce websites. Sites such as Amazon and Walmart are convenient for users and used by a large number of people for much of their shopping needs, which makes them excellent for diversifying the company’s number of sales channels.

The company is constantly adapting and changing its stock to reflect market trends, which allows them to stay on top in their sales and take advantage of the latest consumer demand. They have earned marvelous YOY profitability, along with an average monthly visitor rate of 250,000+.

This offering is fantastic for someone who knows how to keep up with the latest market trends or is open to learning the easy process that the brand uses to detect which products should be added next. If you’re interested in this company’s staggeringly large portfolio, and the tremendous amount of scale potential it has, then contact Website Closers today to learn more.

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Asking Price
$ 2,085,000
Cash Flow
$ 628,361
Gross Income
$ 3,545,731
Year Established

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