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eCommerce Retailer in the Men’s & Women’s Fashion Jewelry Sector – Unique Product Line with Customizable Options – Only Sold on DTC Website


This fully established, eCommerce Jewelry Retailer is a highly profitable online brand of Men’s & Women’s Fashion Jewelry and Accessories, selling Necklaces, Chains, Rings, Pendants and Custom-Made Pieces. With over 190 unique products currently on offer via their Website, none of which can be purchased anywhere else, there is a massive opportunity to scale this business from an already established foundation. Delivering an average order value of $58, along with more than 200,000 unique visitors to the website per month, this eCommerce business drives reliable returns.

Carrying an active customer database of 40,000, it is clear that these unique products appeal to 18-30 year old males and females that are interested in travel, streetwear and art. Usually well-educated and conscious about buying long lasting products these customers  prefer to spend more on products with a good reputation, and are influenced largely by social media, celebrity culture and the economy.

This company’s skilled team is ready and willing to stay on, maintaining profits and efficiency for new ownership. In addition to this company’s multitude of current advantages, there are also a plethora of opportunities to scale. At the moment, this company sells only on their own website with little to no outside marketing. Expanding onto Amazon, expanding the product line, implementing SEO practices, and engaging in affiliate marketing are just the tip of the growth iceberg for this exciting online business.

Centering its sights on fashion-forward affordability, this high-quality eCommerce Jewelry store spans both the men’s and women’s verticals. All pieces are created with pre-set and approved designs, though the brand has recently introduced fully customizable products that are made to order. At the moment, this 190 SKUs are offered along with the custom pieces, which have limitless growth potential.

Operating on an entirely stock model, this company leverages a 3PL to ship and store inventory. This fully remote business carries reliable and relocatable supply lines which will lend themselves to a seamless transition. Additionally, more than 70,000 units are kept in stock regularly, carrying a 2-3 month average turnover.

This company has achieved its incredibly impressive growth, revenue, and consumer base leveraging only social media marketing, Google Ads and a multitude of micro-influencers to develop the brand and spread awareness. Posting to Instagram daily, this brand has gained a significant following that leads to a majority of their sales. This creates an immense opportunity for incoming ownership to utilize this loyal fan base for increased engagement, social sharing, UGC, and additional product sales. Other ways to grow this unmatched company include selling on Amazon, partnering with clothing brands, developing relationships with personal stylists, and even the creation of an in-house brand.

As this strategically developed company has been well optimized to run on its own, current ownership dedicates 5-7 hours per week to maintaining and growing this business. They regularly focus on team management, billing, keeping payments up to date, and monitoring employee success.

This company works with 3 contractors to keep up with daily business as well as a fully outfitted 3PL. Their contractors include, a social media manager, an influencer, and a content manager, all three are willing to stay on as the new owner takes this company to the next level.

This eCommerce Jewelry brand is a high value leader in the streetwear fashion niche. With a widespread appeal and entirely exclusive offerings, this successful business drives global interest. Carrying incredible margins, a vast consumer base, limitless scaling potential and more, this acquisition is an incredible investment for any type of buyer.

This eCommerce Jewelry Business Represented by:

Tech & Internet Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2120

Asking Price
$ 1,300,000
Cash Flow
$ 484,708
Gross Income
$ 2,264,061
Year Established