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Educational Marketing Agency | Monthly Subscription Revenue | Mortgage & Real Estate Markets | 71% Net Margins | Digital Marketing Services

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Website Closers® presents a niche Digital Marketing Agency that provides Educational Content Marketing to mortgage loan originators, real estate professionals, dentists & chiropractors, financial planners, business coaches/speakers and other small businesses. While the firm has achieved rising profits by catering to these fields, its business model is one that a new owner could easily apply to a vast array of additional small businesses and professions.

The company creates high-quality content that helps clients advertise their own business, with services that include video design and development, podcast production, book ghostwriting and publishing, email marketing, and design services to boost branding. All services are designed to capture the attention and interest of each client’s main demographics. The company has been enormously successful in helping clients drive conversions and building customer loyalty, and most clients sign up long-term with a monthly subscription to this agency’s services. With an Average Order Value of $595 for monthly subscriptions, the company has an excellent recurring revenue model for a new owner to take advantage of and further develop.

Equally impressive is that the company does not maintain a marketing budget. Their clients have been their top source for new business since the agency maintains excellent word-of-mouth testimonials from satisfied clients who spread the word about them throughout the industries where they operate. After launching the podcast production service in 2023, the company has been enjoying 23% profit growth this year, while the company’s ability to reduce some operational costs has sent its net profit margins up from 71% to 75% in the past 12 months. This is a very well-run business.

This business represents a clear opportunity for a U.S. Buyer to acquire this company and then scale it quickly by expanding services into new industries, continuing to introduce new services, and collaborating with influencers within the mortgage and real estate industries.

Business Broker Takeaway

Our analysis of this business shows that the value propositions present are strong for a first-time buyer looking to get into the online space. We are excited about this business for 3 important reasons:

1. Recurring Revenue Model. The company is providing monthly video and social media production services, and podcasts were added in 2023. While the company charges one-time setup fees, monthly subscriptions can range from $795 (video, social media, podcasting) to $2,000+ (newsletters, additional marketing) to as high as $15,000+ for creating recruiting and education video series. Clients pay a minimum of $595 a month for their continued services, and their typical client is fully capable of paying these amounts since they are professionals in the mortgage loan and real estate industries, typically earning more than $300,000+ annually.

2. Multiple Services. The company’s 23% profit growth can be attributed in part to the many services they offer. Monthly videos cover topics such as Mortgage 101, Purchase Guides, Mortgage Product Guidelines, and Mortgage Process Steps, and their clients are given access to hundreds of scripts to choose from. The company also provides courses on how to record videos and conduct lunch and learn sessions, and handles ghost writing and publishing for clients that want a book under their name. Branding design services and recruiting and educational video productions are additional services for clients. These multiple offers have been a boon for upsells to their existing client base and an attractive proposition to new clients coming into the real estate field.

3. Diverse Marketing Tools. Even with the company enjoying solid word-of-mouth testimonials within the mortgage lending industry, they have additional marketing tools in their arsenal to use. With 15,000+ email subscribers, the company’s email newsletters have become an effective way to keep clients up to date on new and expanding services. The company also hosts regular webinars that outline its services, and the current owner appears as a guest on numerous industry podcasts each month. The company’s newsletters and podcasts often focus on new product offerings and seek to attract the interests of past and prospective clients. An informative blog on the company’s website and a weekly video on the company’s YouTube channel also help drive organic traffic to the website. It’s working, bringing 4,000+ unique monthly visitors to their website.

The Company

Launched in 2020, the company quickly recognized that content is king, but that not every entrepreneur understands how to capture the attention of their customer demographic and then convert their audience into brand advocates. Focusing on the fast-growing mortgage loan industry as the U.S. real estate market was soaring, the agency’s educational content creation and marketing strategies made them invaluable partners to the clients they service. Many of their services started as requests from attendees at their workshops and webinars.

All services were designed to appeal to their clients’ target audience, giving them the ability to build credibility, drive conversions, and generate high levels of customer loyalty. By helping their clients engage with their customers, those clients have become more visible within their industry, and more successful.

The company employs two marketing assistants who handle video editing, and social media and email marketing, and a video editor for their podcasts. The current ownership works just 20 hours per week, focusing mainly on selling and promoting the company’s well-established services.

The company is not only committed to helping its clients successfully build their businesses but also growing their agency as well. Having launched both podcast services and a shift into the real estate industry, the company can grow substantially in the coming years by continuing to expand into new industries, adding new services, and starting collaborations with top influencers in the industries they service.

Their existing clients see the benefits of partnering with a team committed to their success, and now this brand needs an ambitious investor ready to scale it to the next level.

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Asking Price
$ 600,000
Cash Flow
$ 209,427
Gross Income
$ 279,136
Year Established

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