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eLearning Tech Company – Provides Services to Entrepreneurs to Start & Operate eCommerce Companies – 39% YOY Growth Rate

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Website Closers® presents a 12-year seasoned eLearning Tech Company that has become a trusted online resource for those looking to start their own eCommerce Business. Its products include, but are by no means limited to, specialized training material, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, and a service that will set up the client’s eCommerce brand and run the business for them. The company has a remarkably large YOY growth rate of 39%, an average of 500,000 visitors monthly, and new customers signing on daily. The company offers between 10 to 15 Services at a time, spread out across their 4 websites. Their services fall under several price points, with their most popular, the $27 price point, making up about 38% of the company’s total sales.

Along with these price points, they also provide a website hosting service through the CoolHandle platform, making it easier and more convenient for customers to get their eCommerce storefront off the ground. Every new customer that signs up for this service earns the company an additional $100, and is automatically added to their subscriber list. They also upsell to customers, offering them a VIP package, a brand-building package, and a physical business book delivered and mailed out by their fulfillment center. They have an average upsell rate of 20%, which could be increased by offering additional, in-demand biz-opp services for customers, and other physical products like starter packs and guides.

Their main source of advertising is through CPA Networks, which they partner with after they thoroughly vet their publishers. They then use stat tracking platforms to determine whether or not to continue their partnership with a traffic source, allowing them to keep the most useful networks and scrap the rest.

These networks, along with JV marketing every now and again, have been highly effective in developing the business. Along with their massive average of 500,000 monthly visitors, they boast an email database of over 100,000, and around 20,000 pieces of customer data. This customer data serves as another sales channel for the company, as it can be sold to vertical businesses for 50 USD a piece.

A buyer will find that that the company’s management structure has been fine-tuned to the point where their daily responsibilities are minimal at best. The current owners spend 20 to 30 hours a week on the business, ensuring that the partners are sending traffic, polishing up the website by adding new content and videos, and making sure that the database runs smoothly, among a few other tasks.

The company occasionally hires on additional staff, such as designers, to build new websites or improve the graphics on their existing domains, and has one full-time employee on their payroll. This employee, an operations manager, handles the monthly affiliates stats, bills, and lead orders each week.

While the company has been developed enough that it could be managed as-is, a buyer could distribute their workload by hiring on more staff and ensure that any roadblocks are handled promptly and without issue. Additionally, more staff would make it all the easier to scale the business and continue to keep the owner’s workload light as the company grew.

There are a wide number of ways in which the company can be grown. Given the nature of the services they offer, they would lend themselves well to the implementation of a subscription-based service. Clients could pay a monthly or annual fee for continual access to the company’s training service and coaching sessions, which would allow for consistent profit, and a higher customer lifetime value.

The affiliate marketing space is widely expansive, which opens up even more opportunities for the company to rise within it. They could continue to add new websites to their roster, focusing on niches in the market that haven’t been properly filled.

Increased advertising would ensure that more potential customers happen upon the company’s service, and, if done well, could even strengthen customer loyalty and repeat sales. While they have a vast database of email contacts, their email marketing campaign has room for improvement. Given how closely their email marketing is tied to their internal sales, refining it would be an effective way of driving up sales.

There are other ways in which the company could improve their advertising campaign, and, through it, their daily average of new customers. They could look into PPC on Google and Facebook, and up their number of ads around New Year’s Eve, when they see their highest number of sales.

They could also create accounts on social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. These would make it possible to build communities around the services that the business offers, showcasing customer success stories, and encouraging fledgling entrepreneurs to form connections with one another. These communities could encourage customers to advertise through word-of-mouth, and show interested parties how beneficial the company has been for new business owners. This deal is rich with opportunity, and is already incredibly profitable in its current state. The number of people interested in earning money is rising by the day, and the company provides them with the perfect tools to accomplish that. For this acquisition, vertical growth is practically unlimited.

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Asking Price
$ 1,800,000
Cash Flow
$ 723,072
Gross Income
$ 2,785,701
Year Established

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