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Electric Bike eCommerce Brand with all Proprietary Bike Designs – 27% Net Margins & 83% YOY Growth – Strong Social Media Following

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Website Closers® presents an Electric Bike Brand that has continued to scale, year over year, with a whopping 74% earnings growth in 2022 over 2021 alone. The brand is well-positioned to continue to scale in 2023 and beyond.

According to studies, the eBike market is expected to continue its tremendous growth in the coming years and for many years to come. Consumers are seeking more enjoyable, car-free transportation options and cost-free substitutes that enable them to reach their destinations without incurring further expenses or posing a threat to the general public’s health.

All bikes are made specifically for the brand in Asia. The business owner has visited the facility and developed a great rapport with the trustworthy and principled supplier. Notably, the bikes can be used almost immediately after being unboxed and are street-legal across the USA. There is also a choice for consumers to utilize the services of an assembler to put the customer’s bike together. They can either have it delivered entirely constructed or dispatched to the closest bike shop for assembly.

Management constantly tweaks procedures to ensure that operations run as smoothly as possible and that logistics are first-rate. Except for rare wholesale and distribution variations, all orders are placed through the company website. They are subsequently delivered to a third-party logistics provider for fulfillment by a top-tier, global firm where around ten bikes are shipped daily.

A regular customer is a male between the ages of 30 and 50. However, the business also boasts satisfied seniors and youngsters. The majority of clients purchase an average-priced bike for close to $1,500 before returning for up to $100 in add-ons. Customers have been buying two bikes at once at a far higher rate over the past year, and the brand has wisely provided incentives for that. As the market share of middle-aged males grows, the average age of consumers is rising. Women account for a fifth of all sales.

The company’s Shopify-built website is simple and loaded with expertly photographed product images. As a result, it is highly user-friendly and easy to browse. Additionally, the graphics clearly display the SKUs and their salient characteristics, emphasizing the unique selling points.

The owner spends fewer than 20 hours weekly on the business. His primary tasks involve overseeing advertising, social media management, web maintenance, managing his team, and supervising the customer support department.

A director of operations and a customer support representative work full-time, while some independent contractors also work for the company in operations, mechanics, and customer service.

The growth prospects are enormous. Digital marketing has a vast range of applications. The potential of social media and affiliate marketing has mostly yet to be explored. Additionally, selling to bike stores nationwide is a fantastic prospect for direct and indirect exposure. Every bike sold is on display in public and thereby promotes itself.

The brand’s success in the USA makes international expansion an extremely lucrative possibility. As they start to expand operations to consumers where demand is high, this will have an impact on sales and boost revenue further. Management should consider extending its reach to secondary channels and eCommerce behemoths like Amazon. Introducing their products to the platforms’ existing millions of users would also open up new revenue and advertising opportunities. It also makes international expansion reasonably quick and seamless when the time is right.

Consumers admire and appreciate this company’s innovation, quality, and service values, and any new owner would be thrilled to see the surging earnings and phenomenal growth. Additionally, the firm requires no specific systems or expertise to run, making it perfect for a first-time operator while offering tremendous growth potential for an eCommerce or wholesale specialist.

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WC 2935

Asking Price
$ 5,010,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,286,644
Gross Income
$ 4,665,370
Year Established

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