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Electrical Box Manufacturer With More than 166 Patents - High Average Order Value - Ongoing Worldwide Contracts


Website Closers® presents a high quality electrical box manufacturing company, this 12+ year established industry leader carries 166 issued patents and serves large corporations as well as government entities all over the world. Some of their largest name partnerships include Disney, Kennedy Space Center, Harvard University, Siemen’s, and a multitude of organizations within the US Government. This distinguished portfolio has an accumulated 3,200 projects worldwide and an Average Order Value of $811. From their active domestic SKUs to their international products, this company offers 69 individual products at this time. With a strong and fully developed brand platform, this company retains immeasurable room for growth through website SEO, increasing both capacity and production, creating and launching new SKUs, developing stronger international ties in Canada, the UK, Germany, China, and Australia; and so much more. A key market player with an exceedingly impressive collection of cutting edge intellectual products, this company is sure to bring lasting success to any kind of buyer.

This proven company brings with it immense international global scaling opportunities. From direct business to business sales with a focus on commercial builders & contractors to wholesale business to big box stores such as Home Depot and Lowes, this business works with international and domestic distributors alike to grow their market share and build their impeccable brand reputation. With a capable new owner at the helm, this company will skyrocket exponentially by extending licensing partners, improving marketing initiatives and expanding both the SKU lines and patented product list. A projected growth has been determined in excess of $100 million annually within the next 5 years if this business retains its current trajectory.

This innovative and dynamic brand provides cutting edge receptacle boxes. An industry that has remained stagnant for more than 30 years. Offering larger container space and streamlined cable management, this company optimizes the cable environment to raise efficiency for each of their existing applications. Providing room for modern technologies, these electrical components support all types of today’s cable technologies including, coax, fiberoptic, copper, and more. This offerings multi-faceted, patented technologies bear a multitude of bar-setting features such as reducing installation time, increasing the bend radius, improving wireline performance, and mitigating the majority of life safety issues as well as fire concerns that appear in faulty receptacle boxes. All that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this business’ capabilities. An extensive and powerful offering, this company has an invaluable portfolio with unrivaled global potential.

Currently offering an immeasurably impactful proprietary product line for their 3,200+ worldwide projects, this company completes installation throughout businesses with strong household awareness including the Disney theme parks, US DOD, Simplex Grinnell, multiple international airports, Siemens, and a multitude of universities and hospitals worldwide. When it comes to Disney, the client actually approached this advantageous opportunity to develop their products to improve their major Disney China projects as well as their future endeavors. After being recognized and engaged by such a high-profile company, this target grew effectively in prestige, awareness, and legitimacy, to scale dramatically and effectively. Setting a new and highly regarded bar for their industry as a whole, this company does more than lead their market, they have redefined it entirely amongst the leading engineering and commercial design firms across the globe. An offering that can seem otherwise mundane, this business’ patented electrical box technologies are becoming increasingly popular throughout engineering designs and installation specifications for effective construction utilization.

This company’s products need no outside help to differentiate them from competitors, with priceless intellectual properties and an enviable industry reputation this business sits head and shoulders above the competition. Offering unmatched safety, reliability, and durability, this company has been engaged by the US Department of Defense to create and install specified products such as a standardized in-wall outlet for the entire Pentagon and its accompanying facilities. This is a business well worth the investment due to its reputation, jaw dropping work portfolio, extensive industry ties, and the unimaginable value of their intellectual property. This target ensures success regardless of customer type, industry sector, or global classification.

For more than a decade this company has set the bar and continued to grow and maintained its invaluable IP portfolio in the electrical components space. Working effectively across any commercial or residentially-oriented offering to drive tremendous revenue growth. Leveraging their robust and high-profile history, client base, and exceptional quality, this company is the opportunity of a lifetime for any capable buyer. Recently – this company received the 2020 Electrical Products & Solution Top Products Award!

Intellectual property is one of the most significant resources in the 21st century. We are still in the early days of the worldwide intellectual property industry. A best-kept secret in business today is the global market for owning, creating, and licensing intellectual property. Similar to financial capital or commodities, intellectual property is far more than just another asset – it forms the foundations of international trade and commerce through forward-thinking innovation.

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