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Employee Engagement Service with 75% Repeat Customers – Large Client Base like the Federal Government, Lockheed Martin and More


Website Closers® presents an Online Company that’s had a spectacular run over the past decade helping businesses get their workforce fully engaged and operating at their maximum potential. From employee engagement surveys to leadership workshops and online certification courses, this brand has become a valuable tool for companies and a key reason why 75% of the brand’s clients renew after their initial term. Offering time-tested employee engagement solutions and ways to help companies prioritize their long-term engagement goals, the brand has developed such a strong reputation that they’re now recognized globally, and count as clients such huge entities as the Federal Government, the Centers For Disease Control, and Lockheed Martin.

This is a highly lucrative field … an organization’s employees are integral to their overall success. Talented and motivated employees can do exceptional work that elevates the business over its competitors, while a company can suffer if their workers are either inexperienced, lack motivation or are poorly trained. Being able to attract top talent within your industry and incentivize them to perform at their best is what all businesses stive for, and finding the best paths to getting there is a highly in-demand service. From an employee perspective, it also shows that the company values their partnership and can increase employee loyalty.  It’s also a way for employers to attract the best talent.

That’s why businesses are looking for the kinds of services this brand provides, and why this offering has demonstrated so much profitability over the past decade.

The brand’s founder launched the company 11 years ago after years as a recognized engagement thought leader in this field led to repeat requests to share employee engagement and organizational effectiveness best practices. This new company expanded to include a team of organizational development experts who were now helping companies achieve their business goals and improve profits through enhanced Human Capital Management tools.

The team’s concepts became a host of services that have helped make this brand the No. 1 web domain in the employee engagement space. Their services include online learning module programs, employee engagement surveys, leadership training materials, multimedia keynote presentations, and a two-day Human Resources summit that gets hosted in various U.S. cities.  They also conduct public and private workshops featuring an action-learning process and provide consulting services.

The cost of their services varies significantly. The HR summits, for example, charge $1,095 per attendee, while the average cost of their engagement surveys can range from $7,000 to $20,000. This brand has never lost a customer who wanted to conduct a follow up survey. Their workshops and keynotes average $9,500 per day, and their online certifications average $995 per registrant.

No single client service tends to dominate sales. Their top selling service, the Engagement Surveys, are just 25% of gross revenues. The company is used to both one-time transactions and business partnerships that can last for a year.

The brand now has 1,000 clients, ranging from government agencies to specific industries such as insurance (Prudential, Amica), health care (Partners Healthcare), and dining (Cheesecake Factory).

All the company’s products are proprietary, and while the company was initially founded around the skills and talents of the owner, the company has successfully transitioned its products to minimize that reliance.  As the company has grown, it has benefitted from exposure in news articles and radio and television appearances. Word of mouth has been crucial as well. The brand has benefitted tremendously from glowing testimonials from businesses and the directors in charge of human resources, outlining the enormous contributions their service have made to the company’s bottom line.

Their marketing goals have been enhanced as well by the brand’s effective social media presence. Their YouTube posts have become some of the most popular employee engagement videos available today, attracting more than 1.1 million views. Social media posts on sites such as Twitter (where they now have 7,800+ followers) and Facebook are effectively employed to boost organic traffic to their website.

The brand has a large email database of 40,000+ engaged subscribers, and they employ an SEO program that continually works to increase search engine optimization. It also includes an educational and informative blog on their website

The company is operating at maximum efficiency within the lucrative field of Human Capital Management, an industry that is growing rapidly and currently estimated at $130 billion, with projections for exponential growth in the future. This company has some truly unparalleled scale opportunities.

The company can continue to grow its proprietary product line, offering a wider range of online courses and webinar programs. The brand could expand into new marketplaces, launching unique HR Summits that are targeted to specific industries that remain a key untapped market.

There are additional growth opportunities through marketing. The company has relied on organic search traffic through its email marketing and social media campaigns, and could launch a PPC campaign on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn to attract more customers.

Another strong addition would be to launch an Affiliate Program that takes advantage of top bloggers and key industry influencers to help drive sales.

With a global reputation, the company could begin a targeted marketing and sales campaign to achieve a more expansive international reach.

The company remains very busy year-round, with the only slow period being in the summer when employees take vacations and around the holidays for the same reason. In addition to the owner, there are two full-time employees and numerous contractors who handle daily operations.

With an unrivalled reputation for excellence and high standards, this company’s recurring revenues, customer loyalty and solid growth potential should make it an especially attractive offer to a perspective buyer.

It should also be noted that the owner is available to remain in a minority equity position for up to two years to ensure the company’s future success post-acquisition. As the field of Human Capital keeps expanding, this brand is well positioned to become a clear leader in this lucrative niche industry.

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