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Enterprise Inventory Management Software Company (SaaS) – 35 Years in Business – 450 Customers with a 1% Churn Rate – CLV $40,000+

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Website Closers® presents a veteran in the field of Inventory Management Software. This 35-year-old SaaS Technology Business provides a straightforward, highly customizable software system for customers that want to make their Business processes more seamless. Well-known and well-respected in several industries, they have a Customer Lifetime Value of $40,000, and over 450 current customers. They have consistent YOY Growth and have achieved much of their current customer base through Word of Mouth alone. The company first found their footing in the Automotive Aftermarket Parts industry, where they still maintain a solid reputation to this day. However, they have gone on to establish a strong name for themselves in other industries, consisting of Bearings, Agricultural Parts, Industrial Fasteners, and Fishing Tackle & Accessories. In their traditional core market, the company has no serious competition to speak of, giving them plenty of room to continue to fill niches when they present themselves.

Their service comes with several valuable features for business owners. Along with an incredibly user-friendly interface, it’s also great for automating, purchasing and pricing, staying informed by keeping track of sales history and reorder levels, and generally making the process of inventory management much smoother. The many benefits that the software offers have led to their high number of clients, and an Average Customer Lifespan of roughly 10 years. Combined with an average monthly recurring revenue of $330 per customer, this allows for a steady stream of revenue from its loyal clients.

The high satisfaction rate among customers has other benefits, however. While the company does have an advertising plan in place, a staggering majority of their growth has come from customers sharing the brand through word-of-mouth. The company has a churn rate of less than 1%, so the Software is sticky. The average Customer Acquisition Cost is under $1,000, making this a highly profitable business from the beginning with each new customer.

Though their high rate of organic traffic has successfully been able to cultivate a following for the company, expanding upon their marketing plan would allow them to add even more clients to their user base. At the moment, the company has no SEO plan to speak of, which would present a fantastic opportunity to make the brand more visible on search engines. One way that they could develop SEO on their website would be to post more regularly to their blog. At the moment, their blog is going underutilized, and could be a fantastic way of appealing to the company’s primary users and demographic. This blog could provide business owners with useful tips and advice on handling warehousing, keeping track of finances in their market, and other useful subjects. They could also implement keywords, allowing them to secure a consistent spot in search results.

The company’s email subscriber list provides another valuable method of advertising. They could develop a specialized newsletter to send out to clients, and actively encourage new and potential customers alike to subscribe. Not only would this allow them to inform their clients on important software updates, but it could encourage potential customers to take advantage of these updates as well.

They could also invest in more paid advertising, such as PPC on Google, Facebook, and other widely used platforms. Additionally, they could take advantage of websites like Facebook in a more direct way by expanding on their social media presence. At the moment, the company has a LinkedIn account, along with a YouTube channel dedicated to sending information out on a consistent basis. Twitter and Facebook would also be worth considering, as both have massive user bases, and would let the company easily stay attuned to their customers’ needs and recommendations.

While advertising would be a great way of growing the business, it’s far from the only scale opportunity that they have. At the moment, the company is exclusively based within Australia. As the United States has a massive amount of potential customers in its core industry, expanding there would ensure strong, rapid growth for the company and its profit margins.

The company could also incorporate more industries outside of its current customer verticals. The accessibility and versatility of their software would lend itself well to supporting other industries and ensure access to vast new customer bases.

The buyer will find themselves with a workload of only 10 to 20 hours per week, with their tasks primarily consisting of providing guidance when needed, some admin and marketing. Most of the company’s responsibilities are managed by their seasoned team, made up of 2 developers, 3 supports, and 1 operations manager.

This acquisition is a true veteran of the industry, with its experience speaking for itself. Its software has been polished and finely tuned over three decades, its reputation has been built up among clients in several industries, and despite its enormous size, it still has ample room for future growth.

If you’d like to hear more about this accomplished company and all that it has to offer, then contact Website Closers today.

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Asking Price
$ 7,900,000
Cash Flow
$ 829,288
Gross Income
$ 1,479,062
Year Established

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